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Udaariyaan 8th July 2021 full episode written update: Tejo Enquires Fateh!


Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she feels angry as her aunt tells her to make a call to Gippi to reveal the truth. Jasmine says that if they want her to feel insulted by asking Gippi. Jasmine then makes a call to Gippi but Sukhmini stops her and says that whatever Jasmine is saying is true so don’t call Gippi. Jasmine goes from there. Jasmine’s aunt asks Satti to be careful about Jasmine as she is feeling that Jasmine is planning something definitely. Here, Tejo comes to her room where Fateh asks her if her friend is alright. Tejo nods yes and goes to the washroom.


Fateh feels something wrong with Tejo and decides to ask her again if she is fine or not. She says yes. Then Fateh leaves the room. Tejo thinks that she is telling truth to Fateh for the first time and just because of Jasmine. While changing the pillow covers she recalls Jasmine’s state and wonders if she is telling the truth or just pretending to be guilty. Fateh comes to the room with food and asks her to have dinner fast as they need to join the family for watching the match together saying that it is a tradition of the family.

Tejo says to him that she wants to take a rest for some time. Fateh again asks if she is okay. Tejo questions Fateh if he can forgive Jasmine. Fateh gets stunned to hear her and tells her why is she thinking about Jasmine. Tejo says that she really wants his answer.  They both had a serious conversation over Jasmine. Fateh leaves the place telling Tejo that she should not think much about Jasmine. Here, Jasmine is waiting for Fateh and praying that Tejo will trust her.

Tejo arrives and she tells her that she came here to handover her the jewelry. She adds if she accepts this jewelry then she will think that she accepted her apology. Tejo takes it and about to leave from there but Jasmine stops her and says that Gippi wants to meet Fateh and her then only he will accept her. She asks her to talk to Fateh about it. After some time, Tejo falls down on the floor inside the washroom. She asks Fateh to help her but he goes out of the washroom saying her condition but after that helps her apply ointment on her wound. Fateh thinks to execute her plan soon otherwise it will be late. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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