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Udaariyaan, 8th February 2022, Written Episode Update: Jasmin insults Fateh


Udaariyaan, 8th February 2022, Written Episode Update: Jasmin insults Fateh: Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she asks Fateh what is going to gift her. Jasmine says that he is a simple teacher and now, he is working too, so he can’t give her a costly gift. She tells Fateh to promise that he will give her what she wants whenever she will ask for it. Fateh nods yes. Jasmine calls out Amrik and tells her to click a few pictures. Mahi says to Simran that she has to give her favorite ring to Jasmine. Simran says that family is more important than any ring. Fateh leaves from there in anger. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Satti and Rupi talk about Tejo and Satti says that she wants Tejo to get married to Fateh. Rupi says that if Jasmine and Tejo will stay under the same roof and Jasmine won’t let live Tejo in peace. Satti says that Tejo and Fateh can live somewhere else. Rupi says that Fateh is not good for Tejo. Tejo gives the principal’s letter to Fateh who gets happy seeing it. He says thanks to Tej. Jasmine is in her room and celebrating her victory. She decides to trouble the Virk family and not let Tejo and Fateh reunite. Tejo wishes that now Jasmine will stay calm.

He says to Tejo that everyone is thinking that he is free now after Jasmine’s marriage but he knows what he is going through. Simran also meets Tejo and asks her to get married to Fateh. Later, Mahi comes and takes her inside the house. Tejo takes everyone’s blessings. Fateh tells everyone about his job and everyone gets happy. Fateh says that he will join from tomorrow. Jasmine comes there and taunts Tejo. Jasmine says that finally Tejo has come and says that Fateh didn’t give her any gift but gave a promise to do whatever she wants. She asks him to throw Tejo out of the house. Fateh gets angry when Jasmine insults Khushbeer.

Gurpreet calms Jasmine down. Fateh tells her not to cross his limits. Jasmine holds Tejo’s hands and says to her that she knows all her schemes and won’t let her succeed this time. Fateh asks Jasmine to leave Tejo. She throws her out of the house and insults her. Later, Angad sees Tejo crying. Tejo comes to her house and tells everyone whatever happened at Virk’s house. Rupi asks her not to go there repeatedly. Tejo says that she has to find out something to get them out of Jasmine’s trap. Angad and Tejo meet and Angad says that now they can stop Jasmine. Tejo goes to Virk’s house again.

Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she shouts at Amrik and threatens Amrik to kill him. Tejo slaps Jasmine and tells her to come to her senses. Jasmine decides to ruin Tejo’s life and will take revenge on Virk’s family. She tells Fateh to stop her if he can. She walks away in anger breaking things. Fateh questions Amrik why he did this. He says that he doesn’t want him to get punished for his mistakes. He wanted to make him understand this but he didn’t listen to him. Amrik says that he has done something courageous for the first time. He tells him everything.

Amrik unites Tejo and Fateh’s hand and says that now they can start their new life with all rights. He says that he wants them to see her happy. Tejo and Fateh look at each other. Gurpreet and Khushbeer look happy but Rupi seems upset. Gurpreet says to Amrik that he is still a kid for them. She says that Jasmine will make his life hell. Khushbeer says that he is proud of him. Satti says to Rupi that she is happy that Tejo is free now and Jasmine won’t hurt her more. Rupi says that it’s good for Tejo if she stays away from the Virk family.

Jasmine is in her room and eating fruits. Amrik comes there and takes his blanket and is about to leave the room. Jasmine stops him and makes him sit on the bed. Jasmine says that she forgave him for everything that he did with her and accepted her as her husband. She asks him to act romantic because it’s their nuptial night. Gurpreet is worried for Amrik. Khushbeer says that Amrik will handle her for sure. Amrik tries to touch her but she pushes him and tells him to stay away from her. She scares him and tells him to dance to her tune.

Fateh is on a call with Tejo. He says that he is worried about Amrik. Tejo says that she asked God for a miracle. She asks him to accept whatever happened. Jasmine comes to Fateh and tells Fateh to leave the room as it belongs to her. Tejo hears them and thinks that Jasmine won’t let them in peace. Fateh leaves. Jasmine tells Amrik to stay away from him.

Simran and Fateh share a talk in which Simran says to Fateh that he is free to start a new life with Fateh.  The next day, Tejo goes to college where the college principal says thanks to her for suggesting not to accept Fateh’s resignation. She says that she will give him a job letter. She thinks to go to Fateh’s house. Tejo reaches Fateh’s house and Jasmine pushes her down saying that she bans Tejo’s entry into the house and it’s her new condition. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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