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Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 written update full episode: Tejo Gets Faint As She Left Fateh!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she comes to his room and looks at Fateh’s photo frame and reminisces his confession at the party. She opens a drawer in which a gun is placed. Tejo’s hand shivers and she closes the drawer. She then recalls Fateh and Jasmine’s love confession for each other and takes out the gun and leaves from there with it. Here, Jasmine is waiting for Tejo where she asked her to reach. Jasmine notices Tejo who is driving the car. Tejo stops the car in front of her and asks her to sit. Jasmine does the same.


Jasmine asks her where are they going. Tejo answers her that they are going for her surprise. Jasmine asks her what’s the surprise. Tejo tells her that she will learn soon about it. Tejo then makes a call to someone and asks him to come. Jasmine asks who is going with them. Tejo doesn’t answer her. Jasmine thinks what is she up to. Tejo again stops the car. Fateh comes there and asks her why she called her. He gets stunned to see Jasmine with Tejo. He asks what is she doing with her. Tejo tells him that she is her sister, she can be with her.

Tejo asks if she got scared seeing Fateh. Tejo refuses and asks Fateh to come into the car as Tejo has a surprise for her. Fateh sits in the car and asks Tejo where is she taking them. Tejo says that they are going for a long drive and will get a surprise over there. Fateh asks what surprise. Tejo asks him to be patient. Tejo brings them to a place. Three of them come out of the car. Fateh and Jasmine hear audio of their love confession and get shocked. They look for Tejo and find her holding a gun in one hand and the mobile in another hand. She points the gun at them.

Jasmine asks her to talk with them calmly. Tejo says to Fateh why didn’t he told her about her love for Jasmine. She says to him if he should have told her, she would have left her life. She says to him that he cheated on her for Jasmine and adds that he will regret one day for his decision for sure but it will be late. Tejo leaves the place crying and joins Lord Ganesh’s rally. Tejo gets into the red colour. One truck driver offers her a lift and she gets into it. Fateh comes behind Tejo but Jasmine stops her from going. After some time, Fateh comes home and gets to know that she is not at home. He tells Jasmine about it. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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