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Udaariyaan 7th October 2021 written update full episode: Jasmine ruined the academy, Fateh shouted!


Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she asks Tejo who leaked the papers. Tejo says that whoever has done this why is she getting stressed. Jasmine says that she is not stressed at all and tries to divert her saying why is she in her room. Tejo holds Jasmine’s hand and tells her that she learned that she has leaked the papers to insult her in front of her family and the college. Jasmine refuses. Tejo shows her Pendrive that she found in her room. She tells her that Candy got this Pendrive. Jasmine gets furious and says that she won’t leave Candy. Tejo slaps her.


Tejo says that she knew that she can go to any extend for her benefit but she didn’t know she can do something like this, she didn’t even think about the students’ future. Tejo says that she hopes Fateh will soon get to know her truth. Jasmine yells at Tejo and Tejo says if she complained the cybercrime, she will get punished but she didn’t do anything like this. She asks her to stop doing these cheap acts as she will not spare her next time. Tejo leaves from there. Candy comes out of the room to find Tejo as he was hungry.

Here, Jasmine is eating the chocolates remembering Tejo’s words. Candy comes there and sees it. He asks her to give him chocolate but she refuses. Candy snatches the chocolate and runs. Jasmine runs behind him. Suddenly a photo frame falls down when Candy hits a table She says that this same photo is at his house. Jasmine questions him. Candy tells her Fateh is a boxer uncle by pointing him to the picture. He says that Fateh is his mother’s friend. Meanwhile, Tejo comes there and gives food to Candy. Jasmine questions Tejo about whatever Candy told her.

Tejo tries to avoid the topic saying Candy is a kid, she should not take him seriously. She tells him about the boxer’s talk. Tejo says that Fateh had come on TV, maybe then he saw her and his mother told him that he is a friend of her. Jasmine gets suspicious and decides to find the truth. Fateh gets to know that Jasmine didn’t check the accounts of the Academy. He regrets his decision to allow Jasmine to work in the academy. Jasmine attempts to get to know about Candy when Tejo goes to drop him but she fails. Tejo goes to Sandhu’s house and gets the burnt passport of Rupi and thinks what’s all this. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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