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Udaariyaan, 7th January 2022, Written Update: Fateh tries to talk to Tejo


Udaariyaan, 7th January 2022, Written Update: Fateh tries to talk to Tejo: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he comes to the cheesecake cafe. He makes calls to Mahi but she doesn’t pick it. The waiter comes to him and asks for his order. Fateh says that he is waiting for someone. Tejo also teaches there and waits for Dilraj. A kid comes there and is about to fall down but Tejo and Fateh save him. The kid’s father comes and says thank them. They both see each other and Fateh says that he is not following her but His siblings ask him to come here. Tejo says that Dilraj also asked her to come here. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


They then realize that their siblings are trying to reunite them. They both are about to leave, meanwhile, a waiter comes there and says that there is a New Year offer for couples and they will get points if they order something. Fateh agrees. Mahi, Amrit, and Dilraj are watching from binoculars. Fateh and Tejo order coffee. Fateh is about to say something to Tejo but she stops him saying not to say anything. Fateh thinks about how to make her smile. He tells her something and she smiles. Fateh goes to the washroom. Jasmine also comes there and sees Tejo. She goes to her.

Tejo gets surprised to see her and is about to go. She is about to leave but Jasmine stops her. Tejo asks where she is staying. She says that she is not at her parents’ house. She cries and says that her parents only care for Tejo, not for her. Jasmine says that Fateh will come to her again. Tejo says then keep him with her. She doesn’t want him. She leaves. Jasmine thinks about Fateh who comes there and wonders where is Tejo. He hears the band Baja sound and goes to check there. She gets shocked seeing Jasmine.

Jasmine says that Fateh is her groom and dance. Fateh asks her to stop all this. Fateh asks her about Tejo. Jasmine doesn’t answer him and he goes to search for her. Jasmine stops him says that he won’t get Tejo’s love or forgiveness either. Fateh says that he knows what he should do. She says that she has a plan. Fateh says that he doesn’t need his plan and Leaves.

Tejo remembers Jasmine’s words, Rupi brings food for her. Tejo asks him to get Jasmine back home. She says that she is alone and she met Jasmine today. She cries and requests Rupi. He hugs her. Virk’s family gets to know that Rupi knew that Fateh didn’t go to Canada. Khushbeer says why he didn’t tell them. He says that Rupi has to answer them today. Rupi and Khushbeer confront and they start fighting but Fateh and Tejo stop them. Do watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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