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Udaariyaan, 7th December 2021, Written Update, Angad made Tejo away from himself


Udaariyaan, 7th December 2021, Written Update, Angad made Tejo away from himself: Today’s episode starts with Fateh as he comes out of the bus. He is walking on the road recalling the moments that he shared with Tejo. He also imagines and breaks down into tears when she disappears again. He remembers all his moments with Tejo. He collides with a man who takes his wallet without his knowledge. Here, Sweety tells Tejo that Fateh is not at his home. Jasmine reminisces his words and then thinks where is he? Angad says sorry to Riya’s hostel principal and asks her to let Riya stay with him. He then tells Riya that now she is going to stay with him. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Riya gets happy hearing him. He tells her not to repeat the same thing ever again. He shouts at her for last night’s mistake. Tejo comes there, Riya hugs her and complains to her about Angad. She asks Tejo to tell Angad to keep his promise. Tejo says that Angad will keep his performance. Tejo tells her to go and have breakfast and then study. Tejo then asks Angad why he can’t keep Riya with him. Angad asks her not to get into all this. Tejo agrees and tells him that since she is there, she won’t let Riya suffer to stay with her father.

Tejo says that she wants to do a job now and tomorrow, she will try in nearby schools and colleges. He wishes her luck. She leaves from there saying thanks to him. Angad says that he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Fateh is walking on the road recalling Tejo’s words. Jasmine makes a call to Virk’s house and Khushbeer picks it but Jasmine doesn’t say anything. Later, Gurpreet takes the phone thinking it must be Fateh’s phone. Jasmine cuts the call. She confirms that Fateh is not at his home.

Fateh comes to the hotel where he met two men. He gets into a fight with them when they talked rubbish. Later, Fateh says that he wants a room for a few days. Fateh realizes that his wallet has been taken by that man who collided with a man. Fateh leaves. Jasmine posts her and Fateh’s edited picture on social media. Here, Amrik and Mahi show that picture to Gurpreet who asks if Tejo also uploaded something. Mahi denies. Later, Jasmine gets to know that Tejo has also been gone with Angad from the village. Jasmine vows to get to know about Fateh and Tejo. Jasmine decides that she won’t let them in peace. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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