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Udaariyaan 6th September 2021 full episode written update: Tejo Revels Truth To Fateh’s Family Before Leaving The House!


The episode begins with Tejo as she gets shocked seeing Fateh and Jasmine together at the party and confessing their love in front of everyone. She recalls how Fateh introduced Jasmine as his wife. She is heartbroken after Fateh’s deception. She could never have imagined that Fateh will do something like this to her. She thinks that how can her own sister deceive her, how can be she so insensitive with her own sister. She doesn’t even love Fateh, she is only obsessed with him and is not able to accept her deception in love. Tejo gets shattered after seeing all this and is unable to handle herself.


She runs on the road while crying. She screams in pain of heartbreak. Then she reaches home completely lost. After some time, Fateh comes home and Tejo sees him, she recalls everything that happened at the party and all the lies that he told her. She then asks Fateh about the party. He asks her the same. She tells him that it was amazing and good too because if she didn’t go then she would miss many things for sure. He then says to her that it’s good that they both enjoyed their friend’s party.

She then tells him that one of her friend’s husbands came to the party with her girlfriend and was pretending like that girl was his wife. She says that God knows what lies he told his wife to come to the party. She asks him if that man is doing right. He tells her that they can’t judge them as they don’t know the situation.  Tejo says that whatever the situation is but it can’t force anyone to deceive anyone. Fateh says what if his wife also has an affair outside. She says no, her friend worships her husband.

The next day, Fateh leaves for the academy while finding Tejo. Meanwhile, Tejo sees him from the terrace. Tejo then recalls everything that was happening in the past few days. She thinks that she came between Fateh and Jasmine. Then she decides to reunite them as they love. She goes to her room and makes a call to Fateh and tells him that she wants to talks to him about something important. Then she calls Jasmine and tells her the same. She then texts them an address and asks them to reach there. They both reach the place and hear some recordings from the party. Tejo points the gun at them then at herself. They both get shocked. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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