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Udaariyaan, 6th May 2022, Written Update: Tejo confronts Fateh and Jasmine in London!!


Udaariyaan, 6th May 2022, Written Update: Tejo confronts Fateh and Jasmine in London!!: Today’s episode begins with Tanya as she gets emotional on hearing Fateh and Tejo’s love story. She says that she can understand the pain of losing loved ones. She asks him why he is searching for Tejo when she died. Fateh says that he believes that she is still alive and he will meet her. He says that he met Tanya and thought she is Tejo but she is not. Tanya asks why Tejo would hide if she is alive. She says that she must have some reason to do so. Fateh suddenly holds Tanya’s hands and asks her to tell him why she is hiding. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Fateh asks her what happened to her and why she didn’t return to him or her family when she was alive. He asks her to tell him and if she did so because of him, he won’t disturb her and go away from her life. Tanya scolds him and says that she is not Tejo and is not hiding from anyone. She adds that she doesn’t have any burnt marks. She says that now she regrets coming to meet him. She asks Fateh not to disturb her and leaves there in anger. Angad sees all this and thinks about what is happening?

He thinks if Fateh and Tejo have come on a date and fought. Here, Mahi is waiting for the guy whom he met through social media. Meanwhile, Abhiraj comes there and talks to Mahi. She scolds him. Abhiraj says sorry to her and sits at a table. He texts Mahi and says that he is stuck somewhere so he couldn’t come. Mahi texts him back saying it’s okay and leaves the place. He says that the Virk family did so wrong with his sisters so now their daughter or sister will face the same.

Simran asks Mahi why she came so early. Mahi says that he didn’t come to meet her. Simran asks how can he do this. She asks Mahi to unfriend him and close his chapter Mahi agrees with them. Gurpreet comes there and asks Mahi to video call Fateh. Buzzo stops her and says that he is a little busy. In London, Amrik is thinking about Fateh and Tanya while Jasmine is excited about her London trip and says she will be happier when Tejo and Fateh get back together.

Fateh goes to meet Tanya and she scolds him. A guy collides with Tanya and Fateh beats him. Then Fateh says sorry to Tanya. After that, the guy whom Fateh beat came up with some men and beat Fateh. Fateh gets an idea to get beaten so that Tejo accepts her identity and exactly the same happens and then Fateh made the men run from there after beating them. Do not forget to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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