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Udaariyaan, 6th July 2021, Written Update, Jasmine Burns With Envy!


Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she comes to Fateh and says to him that she very well knows that he will surely come to the restaurant. Fateh tries to avoid her looks for Tejo. Jasmine tells him that Tejo went to bring food with Gippi. Then he makes a call to Tejo but sees that Tejo’s mobile is with Jasmine, he takes Tejo’s mobile from her hands. Fateh asks the waiter that where is the food counter. The waiter tells him that there is a crowd out there so asks him to wait here.


Jasmine takes Fateh’s name so he asks her to call him Fateh Jiju. He asks her if she is keeping any wrong hope then it’s not good for her. He says to her that he came here only to meet Tejo as she has his cabin keys. Jasmine says that her behavior forced her to think if she can ever trust the word, Love. Fateh sees her recalls the wedding incident. She asks him if he remembers that their first meeting was in this restaurant and the table where they spend a good time together. Fateh reminisces everything and says that day everything was on the table what she liked.

Jasmine says that he is not a thing. He replies that he is a thing for her that’s why he threw him. Jasmine feels hurt hearing his words. He says that he is shocked that she remembered their first meeting otherwise he thought that she would forget his name because he didn’t get a job in Canada. Jasmine says that why he is talking like this. He is about to go from there but stops seeing Tejo and Gippi. He says to Tejo that he came here to take keys and handovers her mobile which she forgot. Gippi tells Fateh to join them but he says that he has work to do so some other time.

Tejo goes to Fateh who tells her that he is perfectly fine so as not to think about him. He asks her no to forget that they both will have lunch together so don’t eat full. They smile. At night, Fateh wakes up as he feels hungry. He notices that Tejo is not her place and goes to search for her. Here, Tejo is having Maggie and reading a book. Fateh notices Tejo who gets scared seeing him. Fateh recalls his childhood. The next day, Jasmine is learning to drive the car from Gippi. Jasmine hits Fateh’s bike which shocks Gippi. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 07:00 PM.

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