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Udaariyaan 6th December 2021 full episode written update: Fateh apologies to Bujo


Udaariyaan 6th December 2021 full episode written update: Fateh apologies to Bujo: Today’s episode commences with Tejo as she came out of her room and sees that Riya is trying to run away from the house. She tries to stop her but Riya is adamant. She also slaps Tejo and says that she doesn’t want to go to the hostel. Tejo says if she doesn’t want to go then she won’t go. Tejo hugs her and takes her to her room. Here, Angad is in a drunk state and also recalling whatever happened. Riya sleeps in Tejo’s room. Tejo treats the wound on her hand. Tejo decides to talk to Angad about his behavior with Riya. Fateh is walking on the road remembering his parents’ words. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Jasmine is sleeping in front of her friend’s house who came out of her house and asks Jasmine to wake up. Sweety asks Jasmine what is she doing there when she went to Canada. Jasmine starts crying and says that it all happened because of Tejo. There, Riya is having breakfast with Tejo and says to her that she doesn’t want to go anywhere leaving Angad. She wants to stay with him only. Tejo promises her that she won’t go anywhere. Angad also wakes up and his servant also brings a drink for him to reduce his hangover. Angad drinks it.

After some time, Tejo hears the voice knocking on the door. Angad calls out Tejo and says good morning to her. Riya gets worried hearing him. Tejo hides her in her washroom and then opens the door. She asks Angad who is he? She doesn’t know him. Angad if he has to introduce himself again. He says that he has no problem with this. They both had an argument. The servants come there and tell Angad that Riya is not in her room. He gets worried and asks them to find her in the backyard of the house.

Tejo tells him that Riya is with her but doesn’t let Angad meet with her. She tells him everything that happened last night. She asks him to let Riya stay with him. She doesn’t want to go away from him. She asks him to promise her then only he can meet her. He promises her. Riya comes out of the washroom and hugs Angad. Tejo sees this. Here, Jasmine comes out of Sweety’s house when she sees Sweety’s mother gets angry when she takes Jasmine’s name.

Sweety gives her some money and clothes. Jasmine and Fateh sit in the buses that took different routes. Jasmine decides to ruin Tejo and Fateh’s life when she will come back. Later, Fateh will be seen beating some men. Tejo talks to Angad like a stranger and says it will be better if they stay away. Jasmine vows to snatch Tejo and Fateh’s peace. Do not forget to watch the latest episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm

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