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Udaariyaan 6th August 2021 full episode written update: Fateh Tells His Feelings To Tejo!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he imagines that she confessed that he still has feelings for Jasmine and wants to be with her. Fateh comes to reality when Tejo questions him what is he thinking. Fateh says thanks to Tejo as she always helps others. He hugs her. At Sandhu’s house, Satti takes Saurabh out of the house and throws her suitcase. They ask her to leave their house as they don’t want to hear more lies. The family member says that there is no need for her here who wants to destroy her daughter’s life.


Rupi tells Saurabh that they have sent Jasmine to her house so that Jasmine will become a good person but she treated her like her enemy. Jasmine gets happy seeing all this from her balcony. Saurabh says to every one that soon they will regret their actions when Jasmine will betray them. The family members get shocked hearing her and tell her to get out of their house. She leaves the place. Jasmine says that her other enemy has gone from her life, now she can live happily. Gurpreet tells Fateh that she is mad at him as he didn’t go with Tejo for the Lunch party with the employees.

Fateh says that he was busy with the academy’s work. Then he shows her the poster made by Tejo. Meanwhile, he gets to know that he forgot her mobile in the room and immediately goes to his room. Here, Jasmine calls Fateh that Tejo receives. Jasmine cuts the call hearing Tejo’s voice. Jasmine gets upset and tells if Tejo has no manners. Fateh comes to her then Tejo tells him that a person called Jaswinder called him but cuts the call immediately.

She laughs saying maybe the person doesn’t like her voice. She questions Fateh about Jaswinder. Fateh tells her that she works in the academy and has recently joined them. Tejo then leaves the place and Fateh calls Jasmine and tells her everything that happened, she laughs and then tells him about Saurabh. She tells him that she wants to spend some time with him. Fateh refuses to meet her saying that he has work to do.

The next day, Mahi makes a call to Simran and asks Gurpreet to talk to her. Simran and Gurpreet get emotion while talking to each other. After that, Jasmine and Fateh meet each other. Jasmine tells him that she wants to have dinner with him. Fateh denies it and says that he is taking Tejo for dinner so that she doesn’t doubt him. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” at 7 PM on Colors.

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