Udaariyaan 5th October 2021 full episode written update: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she enters the room and gets shocked seeing her laptop as it was out of her bag. She immediately opens it and notices that the question paper file is also open. Meanwhile, Jasmine is hiding behind the chair. Suddenly, Tejo sees the time and says that she needs to drop candy at the house so she goes. Here, Gurpreet hugs candy and then Tejo takes him from there. After candy left, Gurpreet gets teary. Nimmo asks why is she emotional. Gurpreet says if everything went well, Simran’s child’s age would be the same. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com


Here, Candy shows the family photo to Simran and tells her that she met them all. Simran says to Tejo that she is taking really a big step. Tejo says that she knows but she has to take this step because Candy is the only way that can unite her with family. Here, Jasmine reaches Sweety’s house with Pendrive which she has stolen. She uses Sweety’s laptop. Sweety questions why is she using her laptop. Tejo tells her that she doesn’t have a laptop at her house and asks her to stop asking questions as she is doing something important.

There, the college principal asks Tejo about the question papers. Tejo tells her that she has set the paper already and she made easy papers keeping the pandemic in mind. The principal praises Tejo and tells her that she is really good as the students admire her a lot. Then she also talks about whatever Jasmine did to her to which Tejo says that now she just wants to work hard. The principal says that she is really a brave girl. Here, Jasmine uploads the paper on the internet and tells Sweety about it. Sweety gets afraid knowing this and thinks if they got caught. Jasmine says that she has done everything smartly so no one will be able to find out about them.

Jasmine goes to Fateh and asks him to take her shopping. He refuses but then gives her his credit card. Jasmine hears some students and gets to know that the papers are leaked and students have watched it. After some time, Tejo gets the principal’s call while cooking who asks her to reach college immediately. Tejo goes to college and gets to know about paper leaked. Tejo gets shocked and the principal blames her for everything.

Tejo says to the principal that she can’s question her dignity. The principal scolds her and says that she has only 12 hours to resolve the problem. Here, Jasmine bakes the cake in happiness. Tejo is walking alone on the road crying. She falls down while crying. Fateh comes there in his car and gets shocked seeing her. He promises to help her to resolve the matter. How will Fateh help Tejo? To know, watch today’s episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.


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