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Udaariyaan, 5th May 2022, Written Update: Fateh Gets Attacked By Goons


Udaariyaan, 5th May 2022, Written Update: Fateh Gets Attacked By Goons: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he is showing Tejo and his pictures to Tanya. She refuses to believe saying that he can photoshop these photos. Fateh attempts to explain to her but she refuses to listen to him and asks him to leave. On the other hand, Jasmine and Amrik think why Fateh is not returned yet. Here, Jasmine is confident that Tejo will be unable to hide her identity from Fateh meanwhile Amrik believes that Tanya won’t admit that she is Tejo. Just then Fateh comes there and tells Jasmine that she was right, he felt that Tanya is Tejo but she didn’t admit it. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Udaariyaan 5th May 2022 Written Update

Fateh is confident that he can convince her to reveal her identity. Tanya calls Tejo and tells her about Fateh. Ruchi asks her to think about it as four people can’t be wrong. Tanya thinks maybe Ruchi is right. Ruchi suggests Tanya talk to Fateh and clear things out. Tanya says that she doesn’t have time for this and cuts the call. Fateh tells Jasmine and Amrik that Tanya agreed to meet him but put a condition that after meeting her once, he won’t disturb her and try to talk to her.


Jasmine says that Tejo will melt if she will see him and talk to him as she loves him a lot. Fateh says that Tejo’s last words for him are that she hates him but he can wait for hundreds of years to change her hate into love. Jasmine says that Fateh has to meet Tejo to know the truth. Later, Tanya collides with Fateh in a store. She asks if he is still here. Fateh says that he lives around and came here to buy groceries. He leaves saying that he will get it from somewhere else. Tejo stops him and calls out his name. Fateh gets happy thinking his strategy worked.

Tanya introduces herself to Fateh and shows her curiosity to know more about Tejo. They both go for a coffee where Fateh notices some actions of Tanya and believes that she is Tejo only. Fateh asks Tanya to know about her family but she refuses to reveal anything to him and advises him to move on in his life. He tells her about Jasmine and Amrik. He asks her to help her get convinced that she is not Tejo. He asks her to spend a day with him and after that, he won’t disturb her. She agrees. The next day, the two meet, and Angad sees them and thinks what are they talking about? Fateh gets sureity that she is Tejo. So, do not forget to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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