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Udaariyaan, 5th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Tejo Saving Jasmine Life


Udaariyaan, 5th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Tejo Saving Jasmine Life: Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she asks Amrik to drive the car. Amrik’s hand trembles and keys fall down from his hands. Tejo says that they can’t leave Amrik alone in this state. Fateh says that Buzzo is waiting for them. Tejo says that it is more important. Fateh and Tejo sit in the car asking them to drop on their way. Jasmine plays the music. Rupi scolds Dilraj for not finishing his school project in time. Dilraj says that Tejo is coming back home after five days so she will complete his project. Satti prays to God that Tejo will get success in her intention. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Udaariyaan Written Update

In the car, Fateh gets Buzzo’s call. Tejo messages Buzzo that they are with Jasmine and will come after some time. Jasmine asks Tejo why didn’t she go to college. Tejo gives an excuse.  Jasmine refuses to believe in Tejo’s words. Then Tejo texts Fateh to be with Jasmine and Amrik and she will go to meet  Buzzo. Fateh agrees. Tejo asks Amrik why didn’t he stop the car where she asked him to stop. She then asks him to turn the car but Jasmine says that she should have reminded Amrik as they can’t do anything now. Mahi says to Gurpreet that Fateh and Tejo have gone with Amrik else Jasmine trouble him.


Gurpreet says that maybe Jasmine wanted to go for a long drive with Amrik. Mahi denies believing in her. Fateh says that Jasmine is wasting her time. Here, Khushbeer says to Gurpreet that he wants to talk to her. She goes with him. They both talk about Jasmine. He says that he can’t tolerate Jasmine anymore. Gurpreet says, but they have to tolerate her. Khusbeer says to her that she only cares for her sons. Tejo asks Buzzo to follow Tara if it is possible. Buzzo follows Tara. Here, Jasmine asks Amrik to speed up the car.


While Fateh asks to drive the car calmly. Jasmine says that she is doing this to cure his phobia. Tara calls Jasmine but she doesn’t receive his calls. After that, she answers her call. He asks for money from her. He threatens her saying that he will expose her if she cuts his call. He asks her to meet her. Jasmine says that she will meet him at 5 pm and will inform him later about the place. On the other hand, Angad gets to know that Jasmine has spiked his drink last night. Amrik gets nervous while driving the car. They all met with an accident and got injured badly. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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