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Udaariyaan, 5th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Jasmine Concocts A Lie!


Good afternoon readers, we are back with another astonishing episode of “Udaariyaan” of 5th July 2021. Currently, the storyline is very much fascinating to watch as Fateh, Jasmine, and Tejo these three characters are making the story more interesting. In the upcoming episode, the viewers will watch that Jasmine goes to Tejo’s house and lays down on their sofa. On the other side, Fateh is telling Tejo that she did not do the right thing to bring Jasmine here. You should at least think about the reaction of the family members, You know very well they did not like her. Tejo says I know and completely understanding whatever you are saying but you yourself watched her condition and how she was behaving throughout the journey.


Fateh says I know she did wrong and she did not suppose to do this kind of act or behavior on the road after drinking alcohol. But Tejo and Fateh don’t know that Jasmine is doing all these dramas in order to make her way to Fateh’s house. She wants to trap Fateh and Tejo in her conspiracy. Fateh goes from there and Tejo says to Jasmine that just look at you what condition you have made.

You are my younger sister that’s why I feel pity for you but when you did this kind of behavior I really don’t like it and feels helpless. On the other side, Jasmine acts like she is faint but she listens to everything. Tejo leaves the room by making Jasmine lie on the bed. After watching her going outside Jasmine stood up and says Tejo when doing the right thing in the right way then victory is yours.

Jasmine thinks How Tejo was fooled and she is happy thinking and from this way, I will going to snatch my Fateh. On the other side, Tejo, and Fateh don’t know that they are slowly moving towards the conspiracy of Jasmine. Tejo informs about Jasmine and tells her father that she is with her and we found her inroad in the intoxic condition. Her father gets shocked and says to her that why you take Jasmine in your house. You should take her here not in Fateh’s house. 

Tejo says don’t worry I will send her in the morning. Tejo and Fateh are worried and think that when it’s morning and we’ll drop it home. Fateh is not talking to Tejo and when Tejo asks the reason he says nothing you just sleep. Fateh is worried that Jasmine is coming again and again in front of her and what she wants. That’s all for today we will meet tomorrow with another update till then watch this episode of “Udaariyaan” on the colors channel at 7:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates. 

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