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Udaariyaan 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Gurpreet Gives The Necklace To Tejo!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she receives praises from her colleagues. Her colleagues say to her that a person expresses his love to someone by giving gifts. Jasmine tells Fateh that she loves him and this is not enough time that they are spending with each other. Fateh says that he knows it and also feels the same. Jasmine says to Fateh if they can go on a trip for a week. Fateh says that what will they say to their parents. Gippi is seeing all this from far and says that he is going to make this meeting their last one.


After that, Jasmine decides to change her and Fateh’s names on each other’s mobile so that they will be able to talk to each other. Jasmine says that once Fateh and Tejo’s marriage will break then they don’t need to meet like this with each other. Fateh recalls his wedding moments and also the moments which he shared with Tejo. He feels sad. Jasmine calls the waiter and asks him to bring one glass drink only then they both share the drink. Gippi captures them in his home. Gippi makes a call to Saurabh and tells her that she has taken Jasmine’s picture with Fateh. She asks him to be careful as Jasmine is so clever.

Here, Sukhmini says to everyone that they need to be patient as everything will be fine soon. Tejo gives a collage of Simran’s picture to Gurpreet which makes her so happy. Gurpreet says to Tejo that Khushbeer doesn’t like it in the house. At Sandhu’s house, Saurabh is waiting for Gippi. Meanwhile, Gippi enters the house and the family members get shocked to see him. Navraj and Abhiraj stand up to beat Gippi but Saurabh stops them saying that Gippi came here to tell something about Jasmine. There, Fateh and Jasmine leave the restaurant.

Gippi tells them that Fateh and Jasmine went to have lunch together. He says that he has taken their pictures and put his hand in her pocket to take his phone out but finds his mobile is not there so he goes to check his phone in his car. Jasmine comes to the house and stands stunned Seeing Gippi there. Gippi doesn’t find his phone in the car. He says that he very well knows that Jasmine is the one who sent a man to take his mobile.

Jasmine recalls that how she took help to Amrik. Gippi leaves the place when he proves wrong. Jasmine then starts her drama and asks everyone not to tell anything to Tejo. Here, Khushbeer gets angry seeing the collage and throws it away. Fateh comes to the home and sees everything. Fateh and Tejo talk to each other and Fateh reveal that he is not able to forget Jasmine so wants to be with her. Tejo gets stunned. Watch the latest episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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