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Udaariyaan 4th September 2021 full episode written update: Tejo kills Fateh & Jasmine?


Today’s episode begins with Fateh who is dancing with Tejo without recognizing each other. Fateh then goes to Jasmine and dances. Tejo feels that Fateh came to her. She says that his surprise is not checking her patience. Tejo’s friend comes to her and asks why is she dancing alone. She smiles. After that, the host of the party announces that each couple has to give a dance performance on the stage. A couple presents a dance performance first then Fateh comes on the stage, Tejo gets happy seeing him. He then invites his wife saying that his wife is his friend as well. Jasmine and Tejo move towards the stage but Tejo stops when Fateh holds Jasmine’s hand.


He introduces her as his wife and also says I love you to her in front of everyone. Fateh kisses her hand. Tejo stands shocked. Jasmine also confesses her love to Fateh. They both dance together and Fateh lifts her up while dancing. Jasmine kisses him on his forehead. Tejo gets shattered seeing all this and sits on the floor. Tejo cries seeing them dancing together. After that, she controls her emotion and leaves the place. She looks at them and cries.

Jasmine and Fateh’s dance ends. Everyone claps for them. Tejo comes outside the venue. She broke down into tears recalling whatever happened at the party. She sits in the middle of the road recalling Jasmine and Fateh’s confession. She screams in pain on the road. Here, Jasmine and Jasmine are spending time together and asks each other how was the experience. Jasmine says that it is the best night ever. She says that she is not going to leave him. Fateh tells her that they will be together forever after some days. Jasmine says that it is good that he gave her a small ring, she can hide it anywhere.

She asks him to give her a big ring later. Fateh reminisces Tejo’s words then asks her if she didn’t like the ring. She says that it is not like that and adds that it’s just that if he gave her a big ring so she can tell everyone that her husband gave her this big ring. Then Jasmine asks about the Visa. He tells her the next day. Jasmine gets happy. Fateh then drops her at her house. Tejo also reaches the house and recalls when she first entered this house after marriage.

Khushbeer asks her about the party. She says it was good. The next day, Tejo makes a call to Jasmine and tells her that she has a surprise for her and asks her to meet her. She then calls Fateh and tells him that she wants to talk to him about something important. Fateh and Jasmine wonder what Tejo wants to talk about. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7  PM.

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