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Udaariyaan, 4th January 2022, Written Update: Fateh in love with Tejo


Udaariyaan, 4th January 2022, Written Update: Fateh in love with Tejo: Today’s episode starts with Tejo as she comes to her house. Rupi and Satti get happy seeing her. Rupi hugs her and gets emotional. Satti asks him not to cry. He says that he got emotional seeing Tejo. He asks her about Angad. Tejo decides not to lie to her family now. She tells them everything. There, Khushbeer makes a call to Angad and questions him about Tejo. He says that he went outside. Then Khushbeer invites him to Lohri’s function. Angad accepts his invitation. Angad then wonders that where Tejo has gone if she is not at Khushbeer’s home. He gets worried. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Udaariyaan Written Update

While Tejo informs her family that Tejo and Angad are only best friends, nothing more. She says that now she wants to live her life on her own terms. She says that she doesn’t need any man in her life. Rupi understands her and her point of view. Ahead, Angad comes to Fateh and asks about Tejo. Fateh says that he doesn’t know about her. Angad shows him the letter left by Tejo. He tells him that Tejo has left the house. Fateh speculates that she must have gone to her house. Angad asks Fateh to stay away from Tejo and leaves the place.


Here, Fateh sees Tejo’s photo and says that he knows very well that she has gone to her house where she is safe. Here, Jasmine burns Tejo and Fateh’s photos and says that she won’t spare them. She then calls someone and asks him to meet her. The next day, Fateh comes to Tejo’s house and smiles seeing her. He recalls how Tejo told Angad that her heart beats only for Fateh. He decides to make himself capable for Tejo. He then goes to Gurudwara where Khushbeer is already praying. Fateh takes his blessings touching his feet. Khushbeer feels happy seeing him and hugs him.

He ask when he did come to India and why didn’t he come home. Fateh says to him that he doesn’t have the courage to come home. Khushbeer takes him home. Angad gets to know that Fateh has left Ramgarh. Angad thinks that he must have gone behind Tejo. He decides not to let them reunite. Here, Nimmo is worshipping. Fateh comes home. Nimmo gets teary seeing him. She hugs him. Dadi Ji scolds him for not informing him about his arrival. Later, he tells everyone about Jasmine and Fateh’s fake marriage. On the other hand, Angad and Jasmine meet and Jasmine offers him help. Here, the college welcomes Tejo, while Fateh also comes to the college as the news sports coach. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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