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Udaariyaan, 4th August 2021, Written Episode Update, Tejo Gets Angry At Swaroop!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as before she notices the note, Mahi comes there and asks Tejo if she is fine. Meanwhile, the note falls down on the floor. Tejo says to her that everything is alright. Mahi says that she knows something is troubling her for sure so Tejo tells that she feels that Fateh is behaving strangely. Mahi says that sometime back, they both were so good and happy with each other when they went on a night out. She says yes and since we came back he is behaving strangely. Mahi tells her to talk to him about it as he loves her.


Tejo agrees with him. Suddenly, they both hear Gurpreet’s screams and rushes to her. They both get shocked to see Gurpreet’s condition as she was on the floor and unable to take a breath. Mahi and Tejo take her to the room and then Mahi tells her that it happened because of climate is changing. Tejo calls Fateh and tells him about Gurpreet. He gets worried to hear her and tells her that he is coming immediately. Fateh tells Jasmine about the situation and she gets upset to know that Fateh can’t meet her. Gippi who is following Jasmine thinks why is she not meetingĀ  Fateh.

Here, Tejo takes care of Gurpreet. Fateh sees her and feels guilty for his acts. Tejo tells Gurpreet that she will come in some time as she has to serve the dinner to Fateh. Fateh follows her in the kitchen and says to her that she is really a good person as she is taking care of Gurpreet even after she insults her so much. She says that they are her family so it is not a big deal. Tejo avoids facing her. Tejo asks him if anything is bothering him. He says no and hugs her saying that he is so lucky to have her in his life. Tejo then tells him that she is going to teach the underprivileged kids to which Fateh wishes her luck.

The next morning, Tejo gets ready. Meanwhile, Fateh is thinking if Jasmine is upset with him so he goes to call her. They both decide to have lunch together. Tejo comes to him and asks if he remembers the lunch party with the staff and their families. Fateh refuses to come saying that he has work in the academy. Tejo feels sad. On the other hand, Saurabh tells Gippi about the lunch party of Fateh and Jasmine. After some time, Jasmine and Fateh meet at the restaurant where Gippi sees them and says that it is going to be their last lunch together. Simran collides with Tejo in the village but she misses seeing her but Simran notices Tejo. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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