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Udaariyaan, 3rd March 2022, Written Update: Tejo refuses to marry Fateh


Udaariyaan, 3rd March 2022, Written Update: Tejo refuses to marry Fateh: Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she enters the bar and orders something. Angad notices her and taunts her stating if she is following him. Jasmine says that she is here to meet someone. Angad says that he also doesn’t to make her friend. Jasmine meets Sweety and asks her to sit. Sweety feels scared thinking if her parents catch her meeting Jasmine. Jasmine says to her that nothing will happen. She then sends Sweety to the washroom saying that she needs a touch-up. Jasmine notices the waiter who is coming to serve drinks. Jasmine makes him fall down when Angad was talking to his friend. Jasmine spikes Angad’s drink. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


She says that she is taking revenge on him. She thinks that Angad’s condition will affect Tejo. Jasmine leaves from there with Sweety. Sweety asks Jasmine what is cooking in her mind. Jasmine says that only Sweety understands her. Jasmine then goes to the bar again and does something on Angad’s phone. Angad falls down after finishing his drunk. Jasmine leaves the place with Sweety. Tejo receives Angad’s call and a waiter tells her about Fateh’s condition. Tejo says she will do something. She makes calls to Fateh but Jasmine puts his phone on silent. She also locks his door.

Tejo comes to his room but is unable to wake him up. She then goes alone to pick him up. Tejo gives support to Angad and enters the house. Fateh wakes up when Jasmine throws a stone at Fateh’s room door. He comes out of his room and sees Tejo and Angad. Fateh asks her what is she doing with Angad this time. Jasmine smirks. Fateh asks why the waiter called her only. She says that he saw her name first that’s why. Tejo tells him that she called him several times but he didn’t wake up. Khushbeer says that she did right. Fateh gets jealous seeing Tejo taking care of Angad.

He scolds her while Tejo teases him saying he is jealous. Angad coughs and Tejo cares for him. Fateh feels more jealous and takes him to the washroom. Tejo says thanks to Fateh as he helped Angad. Buzzo calls Tejo to tell her about the lady. He says to Simran that he wants to help Tejo. The next day, Angad wakes up and Tejo gives him lemon water. Angad says that he is going as everyone misunderstands him. He is about to fall but Tejo holds him. Jasmine and Fateh see this. Jasmine says that now Tejo will be busy in her love triangle. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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