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Udaariyaan 3rd July 2021 full episode written update: Fateh Disregards Jasmine!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she says to Fateh that after seeing his behavior inside the restaurant, she feels that he has moved on already. Fateh smiles. He questions her why Jasmine is doing all this. Tejo says that only Jasmine knows the answer to this question. They laugh and leave the place. Meanwhile, Jasmine attempts to stop them but they leave. Jasmine feels angry. At night, Tejo thinks that Faten must be tensed like last night and goes to check on him. Fateh removes her tears and tries to sleep. He says to Tejo that he is fine so no need to worry about him.


On the other side, Jasmine thinks about how will she able to talk to Fateh as he is ignoring her continuously. Rupi comes to the house along with Satti. He says to her that they should invite Gippi’s parents on lunch then will talk to them about Jasmine and Gippi’s marriage. Jasmine gets worried and angry seeing her parents talking about her marriage. Jasmine asks her parents to talk to Gippi first then talk to his parents. Satti tells her to make a call to Gippi then Jasmine tells her that Gippi went to Patiala for 2 days so talk to him then.

Just then Jasmine’s aunt reaches there and says that Jasmine comes from her house without informing her. She scolds her for her irresponsible behavior and using Gippi for everything. Then her aunt informs Jasmine’s parents that Gippi’s family wants to them about the alliance and also clear out things as they don’t want any kind of drama like before. Jasmine feels irritated and leaves the place saying that she is going to college. Here, Tejo brings coffee for Biji and Babuji. They give her their blessings. Fateh comes to them and asks her to get ready because they are already late.

There, Jasmine reaches the college where her friends ask her why she came so early. Jasmine scolds them for asking questions to her. Fateh and Tejo reach the college. Fateh is about to go dropping Tejo there. Jasmine again tries to stop him but he ignores him and leaves the place. Tejo talks to Jasmine and asks her why is she doing all this when she is the one who broke her marriage with him. She says to her that she is hurting Fateh and herself too by doing all these things. Jasmine asks her if she is thinking that Fateh accepted her as his wife when she is wrong because he still loves her and will always love her. They both go from there. Watch the episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 07:00 PM. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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