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Udaariyaan 3rd January 2022 full episode written update: Fateh tells the truth to Tejo


Udaariyaan 3rd January 2022 full episode written update: Fateh tells the truth to Tejo: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he reveals the whole truth to Tejo. Fateh says that his and Jasmine’s marriage was fake and says that’s why she didn’t wear any symbol of marriage. Tejo says to him that he loved Jasmine. Fateh says yes, he loved her that too went against his family and also deceived Tejo for her but his eyes opened when he got to know Jasmine’s truth that how she met hands with Jazz jus to take revenge on her. Jasmine refuses and Fateh asks her to shut up. He says that he did everything to take revenge on her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Jasmine yells at Tejo and tells Tejo that how Fateh burnt her passport in front of her eyes and also burnt her dream. Tejo asks Jasmine to go from there. Fateh does the same. While going, Jasmine says to Tejo that he came to make her feel jealous. Fateh tells Jasmine to stop talking nonsense. Jasmine keeps blabbering. Jasmine says to Tejo that she must be happy today. Fateh gets Jasmine out of the house. Jasmine yells and says that she will come again and will take revenge on them for sure. Fateh says sorry to Tejo as she went through so much just because of him.

Fateh says that he didn’t see how much pain Jasmine was giving to her. Tejo tells Fateh to stop all this. Tejo asks him to stop all this and adds that he is telling him all this now. Tejo says that he can’t forgive him. She says that she has destroyed her life for them and now, he is saying that was all fake. Fateh says that he is repenting for his all mistake. Tejo questions him why didn’t he go to his house.  Fateh says because if he goes to them then they again try to get them together and he just wanted to stay away from her so that she can stay happy always.

He tells her all those incidents when he saw her. He says that he didn’t have the courage to come in front of her. He says that after knowing that she is also here, he decided to go from there but didn’t go because he saw Jasmine and gets to know that she came there to take revenge on her. So, he decides to stop her. Later, he gets to know about her fake engagement with Angad.

Tejo stands silent. Fateh says that he knows that she did everything so that they will get the elder’s blessing. Tejo leaves the place saying that she will take her life’s decision on her own. She then confronts Angad and reveals that she knows everything about Fateh and Jasmine. Later, Tejo goes to her house where everyone was remembering her. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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