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Udaariyaan, 31st December 2021, Written Update: Tejo returns Fateh’s wallet


Udaariyaan, 31st December 2021, Written Update: Tejo returns Fateh’s wallet: Today’s episode starts with Fateh as he recalls Nirmal’s words and then decides to stay near Tejo so that he can be assured that she is in safe hands. Tejo says to Angad that she is going to the exhibition with Riya. Fateh sees them leaving and wonders where is she going. Fateh also reaches there. He thinks that she has gone but then he hears her voice and sees her. He goes lost in her thoughts. Riya asks for a mask. Fateh hides his face when Tejo turns. Riya asks for the mask. Tejo sees him and gets lost. He leaves from there. Riya asks for the mask. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


The shopkeeper says to them that it was the only piece that is left. Riya is adamant. Fateh gives that mask to the shopkeeper telling him to give it to Tejo. Tejo notices him as he is leaving. She sees his wallet falling down. She calls out to him to give him his wallet but Fateh leaves from there and Tejo goes behind her. Riya asks to play cradle stubbornly and Tejo handovers Riya to a woman and tells her to keep her safe. She decides to return his waller.  Tejo then receives Riya and says thanks to the woman. Fateh sees them leaving.

Later, he hears her calling him. She comes to him that she is searching for him and asks him to take his wallet. Fateh closes his eyes and turns around slowly. Tejo sees him and gets shocked and teary. They get lost in each other’s thoughts. They walk towards each other. He takes his name and Fateh takes her name. She asks him how is he there and how is he. He tells her that he is fine. She then says to him that he should be in Canada. Here, Riya tells everything to Angad and shows him some pictures.

Angad notices Fateh in those pictures and gets out of control. He starts throwing things. He leaves the place. There, Jasmine comes from behind Fateh and pretends shocking seeing Tejo. She asks Tejo what is she doing there. She asks her if she has evil eyes that tell her where Fateh is. Tejo asks them what are they doing there. Jasmine says that they came there to take some important documents. Fateh and Tejo keep looking at each other.

Angad comes there and sees everything from far. Angad says to Tejo that his heart gets hurt. Fateh thinks how will he tell Angad because Angad also loves Tejo. Angad keeps the Dupatta on his head. Tejo tells him that she is not the one for him. Tejo is about to leave but he follows her. He holds her hand and Tejo asks him to leave as she was feeling pain. Angad says that he is also feeling pain and slaps her. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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