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Udaariyaan, 31 May 2021, Written Episode Update, Jasmine and Tejo emotional talk!


In the new episode of the series you are going to see all of the elders as they are telling Tejo and Fateh to get married as soon as possible as mandap is already here as both of them just step back and then, Fateh said what are they even talking about as he stated that Tejo is just a good friend of his and then Satti said that they are not trying to suggest anything wrong as she said that,


She should marry Fateh right away and then Tejo is saying again that he is just a good friend of hers and said that he loves her a lot and marriage is not a child’s play so they need to stop with they are suggesting as she further stated that he has supported me when she needed someone the most and then she states that cannot think of all this at this point in time, and then Dadi stated that they both like each other and then Fateh said that he just likes her as a friend as he stated that he cannot think of all of this,

He was angry at that point in time and he took her to mandap but that is going to be completely wrong as he loves Jasmin and then Tejo also stated that Jasmin and Fateh, both love each other and she stated that this needs to stop as she is going to think wrong about her if she gets to know about this and it is going to put her in a bad light as she further stated that she is going to think that she has married him after she has rejected him and then she concluded that she is not going to entertain this at all and then Gurpreet starts requesting them to agree to what they are suggesting as he stated that if baraat is going to go like this then it is going to be an embarrassing situation for them and they are going to lose the respect.

Then Tejo said that she can’t do this as she cannot do this to Fateh and she asked for forgiveness and then Fateh is asking Dadaji to understand that what they are suggesting is not right as he started crying and said that he cannot marry Tejo and stated that he is leaving as Khushbeer is trying to stop him as he stated that no one is going to stop him if he has decided to leave but they further stated that the respect of the family is going to be shattered as they tell them to keep that in mind.

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