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Udaariyaan, 30th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Jasmine Faces Backlash!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she gets shocked when Fateh says to her Tejo instead of Tejo Ji. Fateh says to her that she asked him to move forward in life forgetting his past and they are best friends as well so he can call her Tejo. Tejo agrees. They both share handshakes and call each other with their names. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes there and gets angry seeing them together happily. Dilraj comes there and takes them inside. Jasmine comes to the house and remembers the time, she shared with Fateh. Everyone is enjoying the game. Suddenly, Abhiraj stops while acting when he sees Jasmine in the house.


Everyone turns and gets stunned seeing her. Fateh also gets shocked. Tejo sees Fateh. Jasmine goes to meet Fateh but reminisces her past words. He drinks orange juice and tries to calm himself. Fateh says to Tejo that he is going to check the cake delivery boy and goes from there. Jasmine meets everyone hugging them. She tells that how much she missed them. She also questions Tejo about her but she says to her that she has already broken her relationship with her sister. Jasmine reminisces her words. Then she goes to her room to freshen up.

Later, Faten comes outside of the house and reminisces his moments with Jasmine, and feels frustrated. Rupi gets angry at Jasmine and says that they have told her not to come still then she came to destroy their happiness. Satti feels worried thinks about Tejo and Fateh. Rupi is about to go to scold Jasmine but everyone stops her and says that they will talk to her later when Tejo and Fateh will go from there. Here, Fateh is pretending like he is talking to the cake bakery owner when Tejo comes there. Fateh shares her feeling with her. He gets emotional and asks her if he has to live his life with this pain.

Tejo consoles him and says that soon he will come out of all this. Fateh says to her that today he didn’t feel much upset or sad seeing Jasmine there. Ahead, they both go inside the house and celebrates Satti’s birthday. They both cut the cake and dedicates it to their friendship. After some time, Tejo asks Fateh to go to their house. That time, Jasmine comes there and asks them not to go soon as she wants to have a word with them. They ignore her and goes. Jasmine tries to talk to Fateh but he avoids her. Jasmine and her family decide that she won’t go to her Aunty’s house again. Don’t forget to watch this fabulous episode of “Udaariyan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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