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Udaariyaan 30th December 2021 full episode written update: Fateh and Jasmine Face-off


Udaariyaan 30th December 2021 full episode written update: Fateh and Jasmine Face-off: Today’s episode starts with Jasmine as she and Fateh are having dinner. He spills food on her dress deliberately. Fateh helps her and someone captures them. Fateh asks her where she lives. She says that she lives in London but she is very upset as her ex-boyfriend troubles her. Fateh consoles her. Later, Jasmine gets stunned when she sees the police. She attempts to run away from there but Fateh stops her. The police come there and ask about Jasmine. They arrest her, while Jasmine tries to convince them but they didn’t listen to her. She says that she didn’t do anything. Fateh removes her fake beard. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


He gives some evidence to the police against Jasmine. Jasmine gets stunned seeing this. Fateh laughs at her and tells her that she can’t win every time. Jasmine threatens him saying that she will come soon and will take revenge on him. Here, Angad is upset as Tejo is going to her home. Angad thinks that he has to do something so that Tejo and Fateh do not meet each other. Fateh comes to meet Riya’s Nani. He says to her that she should not kidnap Riya that too, by trusting Jasmine. He asks her how can she backstab Angad.


Nani says to him that Angad is not a normal man, he goes crazy for whoever he loves. Fateh gets shocked to hear her. There, Angad comes in front of a car and is met with an accident. He did this because he wants to stop Tejo. He thinks that now Tejo won’t go anywhere leaving him. Here, the cops jailed Jasmine inside the jail. Jasmine tells the constable to help her and asks for his phone. He gives it to her. Then she makes a call to Nani and asks her to help her. But she refuses and Jasmine gets sad.

Here, Tejo is spending time with Riya and gets a call from someone. She gets to know about Angad’s accident and he is in hospital. Tejo immediately leaves for the hospital. Rupi informs Khushbeer that Tejo is coming. He gets happy knowing this along with Gurpreet. Gurpreet asks for Satti, Rupi tells her that she is preparing food. Tejo meets Angad in the hospital. She says that she is not going to leave him in this condition. Angad gets elated.

Tejo informs Rupi that she can’t come as Angad met with an accident. Rupi cuts the call. Fateh is thinking about Riya’s Nani’s words. Tejo and Fateh are in the same place, meanwhile, Fateh’s purse falls from his pocket, Tejo sees it and calls him out. Fateh turns and Tejo gets shocked. Jasmine comes there and says to Tejo that what is she doing there, why can’t she stop stalking them. Angad sees all this. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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