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Udaariyaan, 3 September 2021, Written Update, Jasmine’s Mother Gets A Burnt Passport!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he enters the engagement party with Jasmine. Jasmine gets happy seeing all arrangements of the party. Fateh and Jasmine meet Fateh’s friends Satinder and Nikki. He introduces Jasmine as his wife. Jasmine says that they are going to enjoy the party very much. Here, Tejo also reaches the same party but the receptionist stops her from going inside the venue. Meanwhile, Deepti comes there and clears that she is her friend. Jasmine and Fateh talking to their friends. Jasmine tells them that they are going to Canada. Fateh’s friends congratulate them. Suddenly, Fateh’s drink falls on Jasmine’s dress by mistake and they both go to the washroom.


Meanwhile, Tejo comes there and meets Nikki and her fiance. Nikki asks Tejo about Fateh to which she says that he has some urgent work so he couldn’t come. Fateh spends some quality time while dancing. Here, Tejo tells Deepti that she is feeling strange seeing couples everywhere. Then Tejo thinks whether Fateh will also fall the same for her. On the other side, Fateh proposes to Jasmine for marriage. He goes on his knees and takes out a ring. Jasmine gets happy and says yes to him. Then they both dance together.

After some time, Tejo notices Fateh at the party and is about to go to him but he gets disappeared. She thinks if Fateh really came to the party. She recalls that she left the card on the bed so maybe he came. She searches for him thinking that he wants to surprise her. She thinks why didn’t he called her. She gets happy and looks for him. At Sandhu’s house, Satti finds a burnt passport while cleaning Jasmine’s room.  She wonders that who burnt this passport. She then sees a new passport of Jasmine. Satti calls her but Fateh asks her to switch off her phone.

Tejo calls Fateh but he didn’t answer her call as he left his mobile in the car. Satti then tells everything to Rupi. Rupi immediately goes to check his passport and gets to know that the burnt passport is his. He asks her if she gave his passport to Jasmine. Satti refuses. Rupi understands that she is going to do something big and wrong. Here, the mask party starts, and everyone starts dancing. Meanwhile, Tejo is looking for Fateh but didn’t find him. After the mask party, Fateh comes on the stage and introduces everyone with Jasmine as his wife which shocks Tejo. She gets shattered seeing them dancing together. Jasmine kisses Fateh’s forehead. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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