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Udaariyaan, 3 August 2021, Written Episode Update, Tejo Uncovers A Shocking Truth!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Udaariyan” in which we will going to see the loss of twist in Fateh and Tejo’s life. Fateh uses to lies to Tejo and he goes to meet Jasmine. They are talking about Gippy, then Jasmine tells him if he thinks I’m wrong then what you are doing with Tejo is this right? Fateh uses to think about this and he feels regretting the other side Tejo notices Mami Ji and his son. They are talking about Jasmine. Tejo tries to follow them.


Jasmine tried her best to make Fathe fells for her and she leaves from there while she is leaving she wonders that he will be going to stop her. But he doesn’t go behind her. Later he realizes that Jasmine has left and he uses to run behind her. And finally, reach to her. Jasmine is shocked to see him there. He drags him out from the auto and hugs her. He confessed his feelings to her tell her that he can’t live without him. Jasmine also confessed her feelings to him.

Later we will see that Tejo comes to meet Jasmien and they hug each other. Jasmine tells her that “I know I always use to make you upset with my problems also I went to meet my friend.” Tejo showers her love to her sister and tells her that “I don’t get upset at all with you.” Meanwhile, Mami Ji reaches there and Tejo uses to tell her that why she did this to me and Jasmine. Tejo also tells her that “I know you had gone to meet Gippy.”

Mami remains stunned and she uses to cover the things. Tejo warns her that “if you try to do something like this ever again then I will going to stop talking to you.” The next morning Jasmine message Fathe that she is on the way so come and meet her fast. Fathe is rushing and Tejo comes there then her necklace gets broken.

Tejo asks Fathe where is he going and why is in a hurry, Fathe lies to her then Tejo asks him to have a sweet as he is going for something good. Fateh uses to feel guilty and he is regretting that he is telling lie to her. While Fathe is driving he gets a call from Jasmine. And Gippy is following Jasmine. And the episode ends here.

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  1. Thus is absolutely disgusting. No scruples Fateh us thinking with the wrong head. What jerks they both are. Sick Dick Dick. Uuugh…


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