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Udaariyaan 2nd September 2021 full episode written update: Fateh Refuses To Go With Tejo!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she comes home and goes to check the papers but gets shocked not to find them. She thinks where the papers have gone. In the meantime, Fateh gives those papers to Jasmine and tells her that she was getting worried about it for no reason. Here, Tejo tries to find the papers but doesn’t get them. All files fall on the floor. Meanwhile, Mahi comes there and asks her if she is okay. Tejo says that she is perfectly fine. Mahi asks her about her fight with Fateh, she lies to her that it was just a small fight. Mahi tries to help her but Tejo says that she will do it herself.


Here, Jasmine happily hugs Fateh and says that if anyone will see these papers, their plan will be destroyed fully. She asks him to take her to the shopping. After that, Tejo enters the house thinking about Fateh and her fights. Mahi teases her. Tejo tells her that Fateh is not in the academy. Mahi asks her if they are playing hide and seek because Fateh has already come. Here, Fateh is recalling Buzo and Tejo’s meeting and their lie. Tejo comes to him and tells him that she wants to talk to him about something.

Fateh asks her to tell. She tells him about the visa papers of him and Jasmine to which Fateh says that was the old papers so he tore it. Then he says to her that she again started doubting him. He leaves the place angrily. Tejo thinks why are they not able to talk calmly. The next day, Jasmine and Fateh meet and Jasmine is showing her excitement to him. Here, Tejo meets her friend, Deepti who asks her why is she looking upset. She tells her that she had an argument with Fateh.

She says that she has an idea for their patch-up. She invites her to her sister’s engagement party. She asks her to come there with her husband and enjoy some time together, it will be better for them. Tejo wonder if Fateh will come with her. Fateh and Jasmine spend time together and discuss their plan to elope. Fateh and Tejo come home and Tejo says sorry to him. She asks him about the party but he refuses to come. He says that he has another plan and asks her to go alone. Fateh gets ready to go to the party, Khushbeer asks him why is he not going with Tejo to the party. He says that she has to go to her friend’s party. Here, Tejo doesn’t feel to go to the party but Khushbeer forces her so she agrees. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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