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Udaariyaan 2nd October 2021 full episode written update: Jasmin Evil Plan For Tejo!


Udaariyaan 2nd October 2021 full episode written update: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she meets her parents. Tejo says to her father that she took this decision after thinking a lot. Rupi questions why Jasmine is here. The lawyer asks them to come inside, Fateh tells Jasmine to wait outside so that the drama could be avoided. In court, the judge asks if she is forced by anyone for divorce. Tejo refuses and tells the judge that she signed the papers by herself. The judge asks the reason for the divorce. Fateh confesses that he did many mistakes and he doesn’t want Tejo to struggle for her mistakes. Jasmine is waiting outside and thinks why are they taking so much time.


Udaariyaan Written Update

Tejo says that there is no love has left in their relationship. Then the judge asks the family if they want this divorce. Khushbeer says that he doesn’t want them to separate. He says that he knows his son made mistakes but he will realize it soon. Tejo’s parents said that they just want Tejo to be happy always and will get respect in society. Fateh says that Tejo is a very good person, a good wife, and a friend but he is not good for her. He tells that they got married in some difficult situations and were forced by their parents to do this marriage.

The judge takes everyone’s statement and sentences her decision. Everyone saw coming out of the house. Jasmine gets happy seeing them and asks Fateh if the divorce is done. Khushbeer asks everyone to go home and asks Tejo to come with him. Jasmine stops them and asks why will Tejo go with them. Khushbeer says that she will go to her house. Then Fateh tells her whatever the judge said in the court. Jasmine gets upset hearing that the court will sentence the decision after 6 months and till then Fateh and Tejo have to stay together.

Tejo goes to Gurudwara with her brother. Later, Satti asks her to come with her. Tejo denies it and says that she needs to do some work. Tejo comes to Virk’s house and gets surprised to see Khushbeer and Babuji as they prepared food for Tejo. Everyone enjoys the food, while Fateh is unable to have food as he feels lonely. Jasmine sees all this and feels frustrated.

She decides to do something to insult Tejo in front of everyone. Jasmine tries to plan something against Tejo while doing some work on the laptop. She gets an idea and says if it happens then everyone will lose all trust. Tejo comes there which shocks Jasmine. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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