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Udaariyaan 29th September 2021 full episode written update: Tejo Decides to Move On!


Udaariyaan 29th September 2021 full episode written update: The episode begins with Tejo as she asks Buzzo to come with her to find Fateh. Tejo makes a promise to Gurpreet that she will get Fateh back to the house. Later, Khushbeer comes to Gurpreet and yells at her for sending Tejo to find Fateh. He says that her son betrayed Tejo for Jasmine. Biji comes there and tells Khushbeer to try to understand the feeling of a mother. Here, Satti blames Rupi for Tejo’s condition. She asks if he doesn’t know how difficult if will be for Tejo to see her sister and husband Together. Mahi says to Khushbeer to take from his party members.


Mahi says what’s the use of his Political connection when they cannot find Tibet. Khushbeer says that her brother has broken all his connections because of his wrongdoings. He says if anyone comes here then he won’t let him help Tejo. Tejo and Buzzo are finding Fateh everywhere then they decided to find him in Chandigarh as many people have known about Fateh’s relationship with Jasmine. There, Fateh is in a lodge with Jasmine and recalling whatever happened in his house. He thinks about his mother and says in her mind that she would have been hungry.

On the other hand, Gurpreet also denies having food Nimmo informs to Khushbeer and blames him for Fateh’s missing. Khushbeer praises Tejo stating that she is still doing so much for her family and now, she will also find Fateh and will take him back to the house. He leaves. Tejo calls Mahi and tells her to say to Gurpreet that she will bring Fateh back to the house. After some time, Tejo and Buzzo get to know about Fateh. Tejo asks Buzzo to go now as if Fateh saw him then he will create an issue. Buzzo agrees and leaves.

Tejo goes to Fateh’s room and Fateh gets shocked to see her. Jasmine asks that who has come. Jasmine sees Tego and gets shocked. She asks her to go from there but Tejo doesn’t listen to her so Jasmine herself leaves from there. Tejo tells Fateh to come back to the house as his mother is not well. Fateh taunts Tego for staying in his house. Meanwhile, the police come there and arrest them. The police misbehave with Tejo so Fateh gets angry and raised their hands at the officer saying how dare to insult his wife. The police locked them in the same cell. In the jail, Tejo says that she will give divorce to him and will inform his father that she wants to move on. Fateh sleeps keeps her head on Tejo’s shoulder. You can watch the upcoming episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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