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Udaariyaan, 29th May 2021, Written Episode Update, Tejo Slaps Fateh


In the new episode of the series you are going to see Jasmin as she is stating that this marriage is not supposed to happen and then Fateh is pretty confused about what is she saying as she asks her that what is she saying and then she said yes, she is stating what is supposed to be happening as she throws away the flower plates and garlands as she leaves the place afterward.


Gurpreet and Satti are trying to stop Jasmin as everyone is trying to contemplate what is going on as they are asking her that what is the reason that she is stating all of this as Tejo says that he did sense that there is something wrong and then Jasmin stated that Fateh didn’t get the job and he will not be going to Canada as she stated that he has cheated her and she is not going to marry a cheater no matter what and then Satti is saying that Fateh cannot do this with them.


Then Gurpreet is asking Fateh about this and he agrees that whatever she has said is all true but he said that he has never cheated her as he stated that she was aware of all of this as he is saying that he has already told everything to his dad and his dad has conveyed this to her dad as he stated that her dad has spoken about this with his dad and then Khushbeer went on to say that she is going to handle everything and stated that is this the way she handles things

Tejo comes in and stated that marriage is not a joke and all of the relatives are here and they have come here for your marriage and he further stated that he even loves her so much but Jasmin kept on saying that he has lied to her and then Tejo says that the guy hasn’t lied to you, he thought that she already knows as she has conveyed this to his dad and then Jasmin is saying that he could have told this directly to her as it is a big decision as she says that she doesn’t understand that what was there not to tell her as Fateh is walking towards Jasmin.

Then he went on to say that if he wanted to hide this then he would have and no one would have known about this except him but he chose to tell this to his dad as thought that he will convey it to her dad but it seems like that this never happened and then he stated that he wasn’t aware of this as when he met her, he asked her that does her dad has told her everything and then she only said that he has told her everything.

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