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Udaariyaan, 29th January 2022, Written Update: Jasmin pressurizes Fateh’s Family


Udaariyaan, 29th January 2022, Written Update: Jasmin pressurizes Fateh’s Family: Today’s episode commences with Fateh and Tejo as they are on their way in the car. Fateh remembers his parents’ words and stops the car. They both come out of the car. He says that he is sorry, he thought he would go to jail and save Amrik but Gurpreet stopped him. He says that he has to walk alone in this dark life. Tejo says that life is so weird as when she wanted to move on in her life then she couldn’t and when she decides to stop and wait for someone, life is not giving her this chance. Fateh says to her that life doesn’t give them a chance but is giving them these moments to live in their dreams forgetting all pain. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


He says that these moments where they can be together and can talk about love only. He adds that they have to live the rest of life with these moments only. Tejo says that she will save these moments as beautiful moments of their lives. She wishes to tell Fateh about her feelings. Tejo holds his hands and they look at each other and smile. Fateh opens the car door for Tejo. She sits. Fateh and Tejo come to Dhabba. Tejo is about to come out of the car barefoot. Fateh makes her wear slippers. He takes her inside the Dhaba and asks the person to bring two cups of tea.

Fateh says that he doesn’t know what to say as day and night are less to express and explain everything. Tejo tells him to speak his heart in letters. She gives him a pen and a handkerchief. Fateh writes that he wants to hear from her that she forgave her. He puts it in a bowl. Tejo writes that she forgave him long back and put it in the same bowl. Fateh says that she wants to live all her dreams with him and wants to take him away from all sorrow. Fateh says that he wants that everything will get fine between them and they reunite.

They both talk to each other in their minds. Fateh then says that he will give so much love to Tejo and there will not be any place for pain. They smile. At Virk’s house, Jasmine eats the food and praises Gurpreet for that. Gurpreet asks her to take everything from them but spare their sons. Jasmine denies it. She says that she wants half of their property so that if she has any fight with her, she doesn’t kick her out of the house. She asks them to make the property papers fast. Fateh drops her at her house. Tejo goes to her room and cries a lot. Her father comes and says she can’t see her like this. Later, Jasmine brings property papers and asks Khushbeer to sign them. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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