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Udaariyaan, 29th December 2021, Written Update: Jasmine stucked in Fateh’s trap


Udaariyaan, 29th December 2021, Written Update: Jasmine stuck in Fateh’s trap: Today’s episode starts with Jasmine as she says to Fateh to go and tell Tejo everything about them. She adds that he can tell everything to Tejo who is moving on in her life with Angad. She asks him to tell her that he is single and available for her now as he never married Jasmine and loves her so much. Fateh gets silent. She holds his collar and tells him not to try to threaten her. She is not Jassu anymore but Jasmine who knows how to live her life. She asks Fateh what is he doing nowadays whether he is a salesman or driver. She says that he looks like a driver. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


She asks him for 100 rupees then says don’t tell her that he doesn’t have 100 rupees. She says that now he will see Jasmine’s hatred and she will take her revenge on Tejo and he can’t stop her. She leaves. Fateh decides not to let this happen. Here, Angad tells Tejo that he always stays scared that Riya’s grandmother will snatch her from him. She asks him to get married to someone so that his case becomes strong. She asks him to tell her if he likes someone. Angad says that she is the only whom he likes the most.

He also tells Tejo that he likes her holding her hands but she thinks that he is kidding. Then she shows him those pictures and asks him if he likes her. Angad denies it and says that she doesn’t even know her. Later, he recalls all instances and gets to know that it’s planning. He thinks that Riya’s grandmother is doing everything. Here, Fateh also shows the same picture to a man who asks about Jasmine then he meets the photographer. Fateh makes a plan and traps Jasmine with the help of a photographer.

The photographer makes a call to Jasmine and tells her that there is a rich person who is about to come to Dhaba. She asks him to send the address, she will reach there. In the evening, Fateh and Jasmine reach Dhaba where they both dance. Fateh impersonates himself. Tejo decides to go to her house and Angad gets mad hearing her. He says that if Tejo goes there, Fateh will also go behind her and all family members again start to bring them together. He says that Tejo can’t go away from him. She will always stay with him happily. After some time, Angad met with an accident. Jasmine gets arrested. Nirmal tells Fateh that Angad is a murderer. Tejo gets to know about Angad’s accident. Watch the latest episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm

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