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Udaariyaan, 28th October 2021, Written Episode Update, Jasmine Begs Tejo To Save Fateh From Jass


Udaariyaan, 28th October 2021, Written Episode Update, Jasmine Begs Tejo To Save Fateh From Jass: Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she says that she should go with Fateh so that she can keep her eye on him. In the morning, Jasmine doesn’t find Fateh on the bed and she goes to the lawn to check but he is not there too. She thinks where Fateh went. After that, she gets a message from Jass who sent Fateh’s photo in which he is tied up. Jasmine gets stunned. She calls Jass and gets mad at him for betraying her. Jass tells her that she gives her idea only, so now he is making a way to elope to Canada with money. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


He asks Jasmine to give him 75 lakhs if she wants to save Fateh. Jasmine asks how will she arrange this amount. She asks him to wait for some time till she and Fateh get married. Jass threatens her stating that he will tell her the truth to everyone. Jasmine agrees to give money. He asks her not to trouble Fateh. Jasmine says how will she arrange such a big amount. She turns and sees Khushbeer who asks her if she is talking to Tejo. He asks if Tejo is fine. Jasmine says yes, she is talking to Tejo and she is fine. She leaves the place saying she is going to the academy.

Jasmine reaches the academy and checks the account to arrange 75 lakhs. Jasmine thinks but she needs Tejo’s sign to get the money. Jass again calls Jasmine and threatens her. He asks her to get to know what is the proof that Fateh found. Tejo agrees. She says that she has to involve Tejo. Jasmine gets into Sandhu’s house by breaking the lock. Sandhu ladies ask her why she came. Jasmine says that she wants to talk to Tejo. Tejo comes out and Jasmine tells her about Fateh’s kidnapping and Jass’ demands for 75 lakhs.

Tejo asks why he called her to arrange money instead of Khushbeer. She says that they should focus to release Fateh. Tejo says that now she has to do what Fateh was about to do. Jasmine asks what. Tejo is about to tell her but stops. She asks Jasmine to go home. She will arrange something. Jasmine decides to save Fateh by herself. She copies Tejo’s sign and goes to give the check to Jass. He asks her to bring cash. Fateh releases himself. Jass is about to tell Jasmine’s truth but she pushes him and runs from there. Tejo comes there with the police and they arrest Jass. Jass makes a story, Meanwhile, a lady comes and Jass gets shocked seeing her. The Karwa Chauth celebrate and Jasmine keeps a half-day fast for Fateh. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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