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Udaariyaan 28th August 2021 full episode written update: Fateh Figures Out Jasmine’s Lie


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she asks Fateh why he seems disturbed. Fateh reminisces Jasmine’s words. Fateh says that he is disturbed because of too much work in the academy. Tejo says that he should share his problems with her so that they can solve them together. Fateh reminisces how Jasmine asks her to choose one between her and Tejo. Fateh goes to the washroom making an excuse. After that, Tejo arranges a candlelight dinner for Fateh so that he feels better. Meanwhile, Buzo comes to her and says that maybe he came at the wrong time. Tejo says no, he did all this for Fateh as his mood is off.


Fateh comes out of the washroom and notices his note in which she asked her to come to the lawn. He smiles and goes there. Buzo tells Tejo that Candy has won the competition in his school so Simran wants to celebrate this. Buzo asks her to join them in the celebration. Tejo thinks but then agrees after Buzo’s insist. Buzo says that tomorrow they have to go to the market for Candy’s gift. Buzo cracks a joke and they both laugh. Gurpreet notices this.  Fateh comes there and notices them laughing. Fateh recalls Gurpreet’s words.

Fateh goes there and asks them what are they talking about. Buzo says nothing, we just talking. He then sees dishes. Three of them laugh. Gurpreet leaves the place thinking she is overthinking. The next day, Jasmine is upset and Dadi notices it. Jasmine tells her that Sweety is not talking to her. Dadi asks her to do something he likes. Jasmine gets an idea to convince Fateh. After some time, Jasmine meets Fateh and throws boxing gloves in front of Fateh, and tells him to wear and punch him. Fateh denies it and asks her to leave from there.

They both had a small argument but then everything gets sorted between them. They both go to the market where is Tejo with Buzo. Fateh sees them and then calls Tejo who lies to him, He then calls Buzo who also lies that he is in the market with his mom. Fateh and Jasmine leave from there. Fateh reaches home and angry goes into the washroom. He hurt his hand. Tejo comes home and gets worried seeing Fateh’s hand. She gives first aid to his wound. Fateh recalls everything that happened in the market and says that he never thought that Tejo will hurt him like this. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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