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Udaariyaan 27th September 2021 full episode written update: Fateh Starts New Life WIth Jasmine!


Udaariyaan 27th September 2021 full episode written update: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he asks Gurpreet to convince Khushbeer to let Tejo go from this house. Gurpreet agrees. Here, Rupi cries stating that it is all their mistake that they always encouraged Jasmine’s Canada dream and today she ruined everyone’s life because of her dream. Rupi blames himself as he supported Jasmine’s dream. Fateh assures his mother saying that he will fix everything once Tejo left the house. Later, Simran calls Tejo and asks her not to go to the college, she asks her to watch the news. In the news, the reporter says that Fateh Singh Virk is living with his two wives and also whatever happened at the award function.


Everyone sees the news and gets shocked and thinks how will they face everyone now. The news reporter says that whatever happened, will surely affect Khushbeer’s political career. Tejo’s family watches the news. Here, Jasmine talks to Sweety about whatever is happening. She says to her that she doesn’t care about whatever happened, she just wants her life to be perfect after all this. Fateh hears her and gets shocked. Jasmine cuts the call. Fateh looks at her. Jasmine asks him why is he staring at her and asks her to do something to fix everything.

There, Dilraj denies going to school and tells everyone that everyone will make fun of him. Jasmine comes to the hall. Nimmo says that this girl doesn’t care about anything, how is she roaming without any tension. She says that Mahi is right, she only locked Tejo in the room. Mahi comes to Jasmine and asks her why did she do all this to Tejo. Jasmine lies to her saying that she did nothing. Gurpreet comes there and says to Jasmine if she is happy now after ruining everything. She says that Tejo is at fault, not her so if she wants to say anything then tell Tejo only.

Khushbeer comes home and tells everyone whatever happened at the minister’s house. Gurpreet asks Tejo to leave the house in front of everyone which shocks them. She asks her to go to her house where she can stay in peace. Tejo goes to Khushbeer and says that Gurpreet is saying right, she should leave now. Khushbeer says no, he says that Tejo will not go from there and if someone has a problem with her then he can go from there. He says that he is understanding everything who is planning all this so that person should know that Unless Khushbeer is alive, Tejo will not go anywhere from this house. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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  1. Enough of jasmines fraud character. Please throw her out. We can’t see her anymore. Fateh and tejo should unite. If not our Indian culture will be in trouble. Jiju and sali should not live together. Husband and wife should live together.

    • Yes, u r right we should never encouraged this type of relationship other wise people in India will start to do like this behaviour which will affect alots of life..please stop encouraging jasmine behaviour..there is no place for such type of character in our society..a woman who steal other woman husband can never live in peace for her whole life..I really hate this type of character…and I pray to God that no person may have to face this type of betrayal in their lives.

  2. Eise ghatiya jija sali romance apni wife ke rehte hue or apni hi ghar me sali ko rakha he ….Aj tak me koi v serial me eisa ghatiya scenes nehi dekha jo ye serial me dikhta he … makers TRP keliy eise toxic relationship …..jija sali romance dikhate hen…ye hamari society keliy kitna ganda massage he….. disgusting…..


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