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Udaariyaan, 27th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Rupi gives an Offer to Jasmin


Udaariyaan, 27th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Rupi gives an Offer to Jasmin: Today’s episode begins with Gurpreet as she comes home and stops Fateh. She asks him where is he going. Fateh lies to her saying that he is going to meet the lawyer. Gurpreet says that she knows where he is going. She says that Khushbeer also knows about his intention and still, supports him for that. She scolds him. Simran asks Fateh where is he going. She says that she also doubts him hearing her talks. Gurpreet says that but now, she won’t let her go anywhere. Dada comes and asks what is Fateh going to do. Gurpreet tells everyone that he is going to take all blame on himself, just to save Amrik. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Fateh says that he doesn’t have any other option. Gurpreet says that he won’t go anywhere. She takes him to lock him inside but Khushbeer says that he won’t let him be jailed by proving that it was just an accident. Gurpreet says that she won’t accept it. Here, Rupi comes to Jasmine who makes fun of him. She asks if he came alone this time. She makes sure that Tejo is fine. She taunts him. Here, Angad tells Tejo that he is equally responsible for Fateh’s situation today as he joined hands with Jasmine.

Angad says that he did that out of his madness for her. Tejo gets shocked and says how can he join hands with Riya’s kidnapper. She denies hearing him more.  Angad requests her to listen to him once. Gurpreet says that she knows if Jasmines comes to this house, she will make their life hell but at least she can see Fateh in front of her eyes and take care of him. Fateh wishes that Tejo could be her to convince his family. Rupi says to Jasmine that he will arrange everything for her in Canada so that she can live his life peacefully.

However, Jasmine refused to accept his offer. Angad says to Tejo that he helped Jasmine, only to get her. She made sure that no one will be harmed in all this. He tells her that the accident was fake. He tells her everything and Tejo gets shocked and understands the whole plan. She says that now, Jasmine’s game is over. Here, Nimmo supports Gurpreet in her decision, along with Dadi and Simran.

Fateh agrees with their decision when Gurpreet threatens everyone to kill herself. Fateh informs Jasmine that he is ready to accept her conditions. Jasmine gets overjoyed and tells her father to start the preparation for her wedding. Here, Tejo is coming to Virk’s house but her bike breaks down. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes to Virk’s house with Dhol and dancing. Somehow, Tejo manages to reach the house and tells everyone about Jasmine’s plan. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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