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Udaariyaan, 27th December 2021, Written Update: Fateh tries to stop Jasmin


Udaariyaan, 27th December 2021, Written Update: Fateh tries to stop Jasmin: Today’s episode starts with Fateh as he says that Jasmine is going to do something for sure. He knows her better and she came to destroy Tejo’s life. He decides to stop her. He decides not to inform Angad about it because Tejo shouldn’t know about him as she just started moving on in her life. Tejo recalls everything that happened and says to Angad that she wants to talk to him. He receives a call from his office. He says sorry to her as he needs to go urgently. RR Sharma asks Angad to talk to the client. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


He notices Fateh who is sitting on a rock. He questions him about what is he doing there and why he left his job. Fateh says to him that he has important work. RR Sharams asks him to share with him. Fateh says that the girl whom he loves, is here and someone wants to destroy her happiness. Angad thinks that Tejo can stay happy only with him. He decides to do something so that she gets ready to get married to him. He says that he has to do something to change his fake relationship into reality. Fateh says to Sharma that he just wants her to be happy always.

Sharma says to him that he needs to stay near her so that he can protect her. He asks him to come with him and then allows her to do whatever he wants to do open-heartedly. Angad makes a call to Fateh’s father and says sorry to him as he didn’t call him for so long. He tells them to get married soon. Angad says to them that he is trying his best to make her agree to get married to him. He tells him that he can talk to her anytime. Angad says that they will have fun in the marriage.

Everyone gets happy and Gurpreet says that she will start the preparation as soon as possible. Angad thinks Fateh would have gone far away. Nirmal gets stunned seeing Jasmine. Jasmine says she has done half work and asks her to do as she asks her to do. Here, Tejo comes out of the house hearing doorbell. She notices an envelope. She picks it and sees it. Fateh is following Jasmine. He sees her doing her work through which she is earning money. Fateh wonders what is doing exactly. Later, Angad and Fateh meet by chance. Angad beats him, Fateh also beats him when he didn’t stop. Angad says that Tejo will be happy with her. Angad and Tejo are together in the car where Jasmine comes with a knife. She is about to attack but Fateh stops her. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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