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Udaariyaan 26th October 2021 full episode written update: Tejo in bad condition after crying


Udaariyaan 26th October 2021 full episode written update: Today’s episode commences with Jass as he tries to trouble her. He decorates the room to celebrate his wedding night. Tejo asks him not to touch her. She shows him a knife and kicks him. She asks him not to consider her weak as she can kill him if he will misbehave with her. Meanwhile, Fateh comes to Tejo’s house and finds it locked. Here, Satti beats Jass with a stick and helps Tejo. Jass falls down. Fateh feels something is fishy as Tejo’s room’s light is on and no one is receiving his calls. Jass says that he was kidding only. He takes their phone and blanket and goes to another room.


On the other hand, Fateh thinks about what to do, to know what is going on. Fateh enters Tejo’s room through the window. Tejo gets afraid of hearing sounds and takes out a knife. Soon, she realizes that it’s Fateh and hugs him. Fateh notices the room and asks Tejo what is happening. Tejo tells him everything. Fateh gets angry and is about to go to Jass taking a knife but Tejo stops him saying that they have to save their families without raising any wrong step so that Jass could not able to take advantage of their mistake. Fateh regrets not coming on time.

Fateh says to Tejo that he has an idea, Tejo asks what. Fateh says that he will tell her in the morning and tells her that they will go to the police station tomorrow. Tejo asks her to leave but Fateh refuses. Tejo convinces him to go. He agrees. In the morning, Fateh comes to take Tego to the police station. Satti helps Tejo to go out of the house through the balcony. They both leave for the police station. Tejo meets Sandhu’s men and asks them not to worry. She tells them that Fateh is with her.

Fateh and Tejo talk to the police inspector about Jass but he refuses to help them because Jass is Tejo’s husband according to the papers. He suggests they go to the central, maybe they can get some help. Fateh asks Khushbeer to get help from the commissioner. They both go to the central jail where they get to know that Jass’s mother meets a lady often who comes from Rohtak. Here, Jass troubles Sandhu’s ladies when he gets to know that Tejo is not here. Fateh Leaves for Rohtak leaving Tejo to home. Tejo gets teary recalling her moments with Fateh. Later, Jass beats Fateh and says that now he will see what will he do tomorrow. He laughs aloud. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm

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