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Udaariyaan 26th November 2021 full episode written update: Tejo Wants To Stay With Angad Forever


Udaariyaan 26th November 2021 full episode written update: Tejo Wants To Stay With Angad Forever: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he brings Jasmine to the room. Jasmine cries saying that Tejo spoiled her dream. Fateh tries to console her and says that she will be happier when she will get her surprise. He asks her to be happy as it’s their wedding day. Simran brings Tejo to her room in Virk’s house. Tejo refuses to enter the room. Simran tells her that Fateh didn’t use this room since she went and did not let Jasmine stay in this room. Tejo enters the room and cries remembering her moments with Fateh. Fateh says to Khushbeer that he didn’t call their old priest, Jasmine will be hurt knowing this. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Khushbeer says that she doesn’t care about her. Tejo gets ready for the engagement recalling Jasmine’s words. She hopes that Fateh and Jasmine’s wedding happen without any trouble now. Tejo’s earring falls and Angad picks it. He flirts with her. Angad takes out a rose and says to Tejo that her look is incomplete without this rose. He puts the rose in her hair. Tejo asks if they can be friends forever and adds that they can start their friends from today. Angad agrees and shakes hands. Angad jokingly says that friendship is the first step to becoming lovers. They both laugh.

Fateh comes there and sees all this. Angad and Tejo see him. He says sorry to them for not knocking on the door. Angad and Fateh congratulate each other for their big day. Fateh leaves after getting a phone call. Tejo’s family reaches Virk’s house. Rupi questions Khushbeer why he looks sad. Angad comes there and says that he has a condition. He asks Khushbeer to become his dad for today.  Khushbeer sees Fateh and remembers his words. Rupi asks him to accept Angad’s condition. Khushbeer agrees and asks him not to hurt Tejo ever. Angad agrees and says if he does so then he can beat him.

Angad hugs Khushbeer. Fateh sees this. Angad says that the wedding will happen first. Fateh says there is time for the wedding and asks to start the engagement ceremony. Fateh leaves. Tejo and Angad dance and everyone looks at them happily. Jasmine gets ready and her friends praise Fateh. She asks about Fateh and tells her friend to find him.

Fateh goes somewhere on his bike. At the house, everyone is enjoying themselves. Jasmine’s friends search for Fateh but didn’t find him. They make fun of her saying Fateh runs away from the marriage. Jasmine shuts them. Khushbeer still hopes that Fateh stops the engagement. Fateh returns home. He gives an envelope to Jasmine saying it’s her surprise. After some time, Fateh sits in the Mandap. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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