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Udaariyaan, 26th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Fateh Asks Tejo For Support!


Today’s episode begins with Jasmine’s aunty as she notices Jasmine who is baking cake. Jasmine’s aunty says to her that she becomes mature and smart. Jasmine says that she is smart since her childhood. Aunty says that she is saying her smart because finally, she decides to move on. Jasmine feels upset hearing her and goes inside. Ahead, Jasmine’s aunt goes to Sukhmini and says to her that they should think about Jasmine’s marriage with Gippi as she is trying to impress him by making Gippi’s favorite dishes. Rupi and Rupi get amused hearing her.


Here, Jasmine is thinking in her mind that she is doing all this just to make Fateh jealous or teach a lesson. Fateh goes to Tejo’s college to drop her there. Preeto clicks their Picture together and forwards them to Jasmine. Jasmine’s aunty is recording Jasmine baking cake but Jasmine takes her phone from her when she gets a notification from Preeto. She sees those pictures sent by Preeto and ruins the cake seeing it. Preeto says to her that Fateh has moved on and happy with Tejo so she should also move on in her life. Jasmine says to Preeto that he can’t move on and doing all this only to show society.

Amrik meets Fateh and asks the reason why he insulted Gurpreet in Tejo’s favor. Fateh says that he didn’t take anybody’s favor, he did what was right. Mahi also supports Fateh. Amrik gets angry at Mahi and goes away from there. Mahi says to Fateh that Tejo is a good girl. At night, Jasmine is crying thinking if Fateh is sleeping or not. Here, Fateh is eating ice cream. Tejo sees him and gets afraid. Fateh tells him that he was not able to sleep so he always eats ice cream.

They both had a conversation and decides to help each other moving on in their life. The next morning, Tejo prepares breakfast for Gurpreet as she is ill. Fateh tells her that she must be doing drama. Then Mahi helps Tejo in kitchen work along with Fateh. Jasmine’s aunty asks to have food but she refuses. Jasmine goes to her room and thinks that if Fateh starts loving Tejo. Jasmine gets irritated as Gippi is calling her continuously. Here, Tejo gets worried thinking as she has to organize a play from the college’s side but she didn’t prepare anything for it. Fateh reaches the college to help her in the preparation. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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