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Udaariyaan, 25th September 2021, Written Update, Tejo Jasmin Ugly Fight Over Fateh!


Udaariyaan 25th September 2021 Written Update: Today’s episode begins with the event’s host who is calling Fateh’s wife on the stage. Nimmo says that Tejo didn’t want to come, she joined the event because they forced her and now she is disappeared. Khushbeer says that she is not like that. Khushbeer thinks where is Tejo. The minister also questions Fateh about Tejo. Fateh says that she is about to come. Dilraj goes to find Tejo with his man. Later, Jasmine goes in front of Mr. Khurana deliberately and he notices her. He says that Jasmine is Mrs. Virk and tells Fateh to take her with him. Here, Tejo breaks the glass door. She notices Dilraj there and calls him.


Tejo asks him to open the door. Dilraj comes to her and breaks the lock. On the other hand, People start gossiping about seeing Jasmine with Fateh. They say if Jasmine is Fateh’s then who was she, they met earlier. Tejo comes out of the room. Dilraj asks her who locked her but she says that they will talk about it later. Tejo immediately runs towards the stage. Jasmine and Fateh go on the stage. The minister praises Jasmine for always being supportive. Tejo comes there when the minister is about to give prize money to Jasmine.

Tejo joins them on the stage. The minister asks Khushbeer who is Tejo. He says that Tejo is Fateh’s wife. The minister asks who is Jasmine then. People gossips and says that Fateh has two wives and also makes fun of him. Tejo goes from there. Tejo’s family feels humiliated. The minister also goes from there giving the check to Khushbeer. The media people ask the minister if he will take any step against Fateh. Khushbeer tries to make the minister understand but he refuses to listen to him. Mr. Khurana also asks Fateh that why he lied to him.


At night, Khushbeer feels upset thinking the minister’s words. Gurpreet attempts to talk to him but he denies it. He says that they should have thrown them out of the house that day. Here, Tejo confronts Jasmine and says that whatever happened today, is all because of her. Jasmine denies. Tejo says that Mr. Khurana’s name was not on the guest list. Jasmine argues with Tejo. Tejo says that Jasmine doesn’t deserve Fateh and she is so selfish. Jasmine cries. Later, Fateh comes to her and consoles her. She asks him to marry her. Fateh thinks about how will he fix everything. Fateh talks to Gurpreet and asks her to convince Khushbeer to let Tejo go out of the house. Gurpreet requests Tejo to leave the house. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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