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Udaariyaan, 25th October 2021, Written Update, Returned To Tejo Fateh Again


Udaariyaan, 25th October 2021, Written Update: The episode begins with Khushbeer as he is worried about Tejo Jasmine gets Jass’s call and goes aside. Jass tells her that she is at Tejo’s home and the ladies are preparing food for him. Jasmine gets surprised hearing him and asks how the men let him enter the house. He says that he handled them saying not to let Fateh come to Tejo as he can also harm Jasmine tells him not to bring Fateh in all this and disconnects the call. Khushbeer doesn’t have food and leaves. Gurpreet says to him why he is so worried, Tejo is at her home only where she is very safe. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Udaariyaan Written Update

Here, Tejo serves food to everyone meanwhile, Jass passes cheap comments on Tejo. Biji asks Tejo to call Fateh. Tejo tells her that she doesn’t have her phone and Jass is also keeps watching her actions. Fateh is also thinking about Tejo and how Tejo denied befriending him. Fateh then says that he deserves this only. Jass misbehaves with Tejo who asks him to leave her. Jass says that she is his wife. She says that she can prove easily that he is not her husband. Jass says she is his wife till the court is closed.

He asks for alcohol, Tejo gets mad at her but Jass makes fun of her with Fateh. Tejo gives him alcohol and suddenly throws it on his face. Jass crosses his limits with Tejo. Satti says sorry to him from Tejo’s side. Fateh comes to his room and sees it’s dark over there. He switches on the light. He notices Jasmine in a saree but doesn’t seem interested. She seduces him. Tejo gets her phone and calls Fateh but he doesn’t pick her calls. Jasmine and Tejo are having quality time together. Fateh cuts Tejo’s call without seeing her name. Tejo them thinks to call Khushbeer but Jass comes there and takes mobile from her.

Jass then takes everyone’s mobile and behaves disgustingly with everyone. Tejo thinks to go out and asks for help. Khushbeer is still thinking about Tejo. Fateh comes to him and asks him to have food. He says if Tejo would have here, she will get angry at him for not having food. Khushbeer eats food. Later, Fateh notices Tejo’s calls and then finds that the phones are switched off of everyone. he feels something fishy. Tejo comes to her room and notices that the room is decorated. Jass comes and laughs Tejo asks her not to come close to her. She threatened to kill him. Fateh comes to Sandhi’s house and finds it locked. Watch the latest episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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