Udaariyaan, 25th November 2021, Written Update, Angad reveals Engagement drama in front of Family: Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she pours juice on Tejo and says sorry to her. Tejo says it is fine and goes to the washroom. Tejo enters the room and sees her pictures with Jasmine and cries. She recalls her memories with jasmine who comes there. Tejo questions what she wants. Jasmine says to Tejo that she wants Fateh that’s why she sent her fiance to bring them her Jasmine talks to her about her fake engagement drama. Tejo says what is she talking about. Jasmine says that she knows that she is doing drama of her engagement. Tejo gets shocked and they get into an argument. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo says that she started this drama so that both families attend her and Fateh’s wedding. Jasmine tells her to reveal the real motive of her drama. Tejo says that she couldn’t understand her and tells her to keep her mouth shut. Jasmine says to her not to worry as she is not going to tell anyone this truth because she doesn’t want her to get Fateh’s sympathy again. She adds that she is happy that Fateh’s guilt is reducing seeing Tejo is moving on in her life. Tejo asks her to stop her nonsense and asks her to remember that they both are sisters and loved each other. She shows her pictures of them.

Tejo says that she did all this only for Jasmine. Tejo says that she can never hate her and still cares for her. Jasmine says that’s why she decided to get engaged in her wedding venue. Tejo tells her that it was Khushbeer’s condition. Jasmine says to her that Tejo still loves Fateh that’s the reason she is doing all this. Satti comes there and overhears her conversation. Tejo admits that she loves Fateh but doesn’t want him back as she won’t forget what he did with her. Tejo says that she won’t understand all this and when she will understand all this that day, she truly started loving Fateh. Tejo leaves.

Later, Tejo cries recalling Jasmine words. Satti comes to her and they both cry hugging each other. Satti consoles Tejo. Fateh sees all this and feels bad. After some time, Jasmine gets happy seeing that her friends are attending her wedding. Her friends say that she is very lucky to have Fateh in her life. Jasmine gets worried about arrangements. Fateh says to her that he will manage everything. Later, Jasmine gets ready for her wedding. Her friends say that Fateh is really a nice guy. Jasmine asks where is Fateh? Tejo and Angad’s engagement is happening. Fateh is going on his bike somewhere. Jasmine’s friends tell her that they searched for him everywhere but he is not at home.  Do not forget to watch the episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.


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