Udaariyaan, 25th January 2022, Written Update: Fateh and Tejo are upset: The episode begins with Fateh as he confronts Jasmine. Fateh warns Jasmine asking her to stop scaring his brother. Jasmine laughs at Fateh and says that he looks more scared than Amrik will get life imprisonment and death punishment. She adds that if he remembers how he was after her. Fateh regrets that time and he wishes to kill her. Khushbeer feels ashamed of Jasmine’s act. Tejo tells Khushbeer that they have to do anything to stop Jasmine who is asking Fateh to kill her. Fateh says that Amrik could have died. Jasmine says to him that this time, Amrik got saved but he won’t save. Fateh denies getting scared of her and to accept her condition. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Jasmine says that his family is scared and makes fun of Fateh saying that Gurpreet will beg her to save her son. Fateh says that she believes predict the future, he will inform her what will happen the next day. Jasmine gets confused. The next morning, Tejo makes sure Gurpreet that they will find any solution. Tejo gets ready to leave. Simran asks Tejo to meet Khushbeer before leaving. She says that she was just freed after talking to her lawyer. Fateh says to Khushbeer that he decided what to do. Khushbeer asks if he is going to marry Jasmine. Fateh refuses.

He says that he decides to take all blame on him and him and will tell the police that he did the accident and Khushbeer gets shocked hearing. Tejo overhears their conversation. Khushbeer gets angry at him and says that he won’t lose his one son to another son. Fateh says that Amrik is weak and they can’t let her take advantage of this. Fateh says that she will snatch all their peace. Fateh requests him to let him do that for family and Amrik’s sake. Fateh says that he will not be punished if it’s proved that it was just an accident.

He adds that if it doesn’t prove then at least they will be saved from Jasmine. Tejo cries hearing Fateh. Here, Khushbeer says that he gets his son back and hugs her. Tejo leaves from there. Fateh sees Tejo who is standing on the road and asks if he drops her at home. Tejo asks if he decided to take Amrik’s blame on him. Fateh gets shocked. Tejo tells him that she heard their conversation. She asks if they don’t have any other option. He says that he didn’t see any other option to save Amrik. Fateh tells her that Khushbeer will hire the best lawyers and he will save him for sure. Fateh leaves telling her to take care of her. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.


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