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Udaariyaan 25th August 2021 full episode written update: Jasmine SLAPS Fateh For Two Timing Her


Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she questions Fateh about that night when he got stuck with Tejo. She asks him where were they the whole night. He tells her that they were in a nearby house. Jasmine tells him that she wants to go there. Jasmine and Fateh reach that place. Jasmine notices that the house is locked. She asks how they entered. He tells her by climbing on the tree. Jasmine asks her to enter the house in the same way. Here, Tejo comes to Sandhu’s house and asks about Jasmine.


Satti tells her that she went to college and then maybe she will go with her friends. Dadi says that she feels that Jasmine has someone in her life. Tejo wonders who will be the new guy. Here, Jasmine and Fateh enter the house. Jasmine seems furious as she gets to know that something has happened between Fateh and Tejo for sure that’s why Tejo went to check her pregnancy test. Jasmine says that she never thought that Fateh could do something like this with her. Jasmine then asks him about that night. She says that she wants to know what happened between him and Tejo that night.

Jasmine says to him that she has been trying to get his love, doing fight for their love so that she can get him back in her life. While he is going close to Tejo and finding peace in her. She says that he has cheated on her. Firstly, Fateh gets shocked hearing her and then lies to her saying that he doesn’t have any feelings for Tejo and he is not interested in her at all. Jasmine gets furious hearing the lie. She says that she thought that he is different from other men but she was wrong. She says that he didn’t wait for his love and moved on in his life with Tejo.

She gets mad at him and asks how can he gave her rights so easily to Tejo. Fateh gets shocked realizing that Jasmine learned everything. He again lies to her saying that he and Tejo didn’t share that type of relationship. Jasmine tells him about Tejo’s pregnancy. Tejo says that however, the news was not true but what made her assume that she can be pregnant. Jasmine slaps Fateh and called her lier. She asks her to give the answer to his questions. What will he answer to Jasmine? To know this, watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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