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Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 full episode written update: Fateh Took Jasmine To The Stage!


Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 full episode written update: Today’s episode commences with Tejo’s family who is discussing the event which is specially announced for Fateh. Dadi feels worried thinking today everyone will know about Fateh and Jasmine’s relationship if they both attended the event together. Rupi says that Jasmine asked Tejo to attend the event with Fateh but how can she do this as she is so selfish. Here, Jasmine thinks about what will happen to Tejo if everyone gets to know who is the wife of Fateh Virk. The next morning, Fateh is not able to get his clothes and Jasmine is talking to Sweety over the call. Fateh keeps the iron box on the bed and goes to the washroom.


Jasmine also goes from there. Jasmine passes out and notices everything is messed in Fateh’s room. She reminisces how she uses to ready Fateh’s clothes. She irons his clothes and is about to leave from there but her dupatta gets stuck in the lock. In the meantime, Fateh comes out of the washroom and free her dupatta. Fateh says thanks to her. She leaves from there. Virk’s family gets ready for the event. Biju tells Tejo that today everyone will know who is. Fateh’s wife and Virk’s daughter-in-law. Gurpreet shows a shawl to Khushbeer and tells him that they will welcome the minister with this shawl. Fateh comes there. Nimmo compliments him.

Gurpreet keeps the shawl on the sofa and leaves from there. Jasmine comes and hides the shawl. Gurpreet asks Tejo to feed curd-sugar to Fateh. Jasmine comes there with curd sugar and says she knows that today is the big day for them and their academy. Nimmo thinks that Jasmine has changed so early. Gurpreet thinks Jasmine really wants to win their hearts. Khushbeer thinks that people who change suddenly are very dangerous. Biji tells Tejo to come with Fateh and she goes with other family members.

Jasmine takes out the shawl and says that she has to attend the event otherwise how will everyone who is the real wife of Fateh Virk. After some time, everyone reaches the event along with Tejo’s family. They meet each other. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes there and everyone gets shocked. She says that she came here to give shawl. Gurpreet takes it and asks her to leave now. Sweety comes there and asks her to come inside. Jasmine says to everyone that she will stay inside only. She hired a man who takes Tejo to the storeroom and then Jasmine locked her in the storeroom. Fateh is called on stage while Tejo is locked ans asks for help. Jasmine takes her steps towards the stage and Fateh takes her on the stage which shocks everyone. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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