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Udaariyaan, 24th July 2021, Written Update, Fateh Refuses To Listen To Jasmine!


The episode begins with there is an engagement ceremony oF Jasmine. Fateh and Tejo are also there and they are seen dancing together. To see them dancing together Jasmine is to feel jealous and she decides that she will not be going to spend her life without Fateh. Tejo and Fateh both are in the Yellow attires and looking perfect. Everyone is busy dancing with each other.


Fateh and Tejo look super happy and they are enjoying dancing. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes there and she notices them. This isn’t easy for her to see them together. She feels jealous. Then we will see that she calls Fateh and they meet at a place where ther is no one. Fateh confessed his feelings to her and says that “I still feel for you and it isn’t easy for me to move on.” Jasmine gets tensed and she uses to wish to spend her whole life with him only. She goes t her room and tries to get an idea of how can she get a love of Fateh.


Then she makes a plan if attempting suicide. But this s going to be a fake suicide attempt. She feels respected and neglected without Fateh. She just plans a fake suicide attempt to grab Fateh’s attention and to scare him. Later we will see that she becomes angry and offended. Later we will see that she holds a knife in her hand and she even has tears of jealousy in her eyes. Then she slits her wrist with that knife. She falls on the floor and everyone remains stunned seeing her on this condition.

Meanwhile, Fathe rushes to her and he puts her in his arm. Then he tells her to the hospital. On the other side, Tejo also remains in shock and she uses to get worried for both Fateh and Tejo. Now the question what will Fateh going to do? Will this step Jasmine makes her getting him back in her life or he will choose Tejo only. Watch the full episode on colors tv or any time on Voot.

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