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Udaariyaan, 24th December 2021, Written Update: Jasmin in search of Fateh


Udaariyaan, 24th December 2021, Written Update: Jasmin in search of Fateh: Today’s episode starts with Jasmine as she is talking to her friend Sweety over the phone. She asks her to catch Candy and asks him about Fateh whether he is at his house. She says that she will wait for her call. Here, Angad cares for Tejo and tells her not to do any work. He asks her to take a proper bed rest till she is not getting well. Tejo asks him why is he so worried. He says that everyone will blame him if something happens to him. He makes her laugh. He asks if she is fine or wants his Kadda. She remembers and denies having it. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Udaariyaan 24th December 2021 Written Update

He tells her that he is going to the office. He comes out and says that he is going for her work and leaves the place sitting in the car. Later, Nirmal comes to meet Tejo and recalls Jasmine’s words. She asks Tejo to leave Angad’s life. Tejo asks who is she. She says that Jasmine was right about her. She calls her characterless and tells her that she is not alone now. She adds that there is someone who is helping her in getting Riya. Tejo wonders who is the woman helping her. Jasmine shakes hands with Nirmal


She says that she will get what she wants and Jasmine will get what she wants. Later, Fateh is treating his wound when a man comes to meet him. He tells him that someone has come to meet him. He thinks that his friend Buzo has come. He goes to meet him and gets stunned seeing Fateh. Angad says that he is meeting him after so long, they should hug each other. Fateh asks how can he know. He says that he tried hard to keep himself hide but he signs as Fateh Singh where he got to know about him.

Angad asks Fateh about Jasmine. He says that it’s a long story. He says that he wanted to stay away from Tejo but his fate took him there. Angad asks him he doesn’t want to be with Tejo. He says no and adds that he is happy seeing her happy with him. She is moving on with her life with him. He says that he wants her to see happiness always. He asks him not to tell Tejo about him. Khushbeer calls Tejo and talks to her getting emotional. He asks her to get married soon. Angad asks if he loves Tejo. After that. Angad comes to the house and tells Tejo that the man who saved her was Fateh and he is in Sharma’s house right now. Tejo immediately rushes to him taking the car. Angad looks at her. Watch the latest episode of Udaariyaan on Colors at 7 Pm

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